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HELLO friends!!!  Life has been a whirlwind lately but I am kicking my feet up, sipping on my sweet tea, and sharing on some long overdue beauty tips.  So, grab your cuppa fave and checkout my post on glowing skin & summer color tips!

I would’ve posted this sooner but I first got into chiggers which attacked my face, of all places, and then I got a bloody eye from a water balloon fight with my grandsons! (Right?  60 and balloon water fights?  Goes to show you- you’re never too old to have fun!).

Now that things are clearing up and my eye doesn’t look too bad, we can move on.

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Let’s start with some of my favorite summer beauty products.  I’ve shared my love of e.l.f. products and that it’s one of my favorite brands to use and buy.  Not just cause they’re super affordable but because they have some great products.  Did I mention affordable?

Glowing skin & summer color-gullycreekcottage-elf

  • For a great summer base and before applying your foundation, I love to use the prep & hydrate balm.  It glides on, it’s light under your foundation, and seriously hydrates!  Something that is a total PLUS during the summer months for me and my skin!

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  • For summer lips—nothing says summer lips to me like “pink” shades!!!!  e.l.f. has some amazing shades of pink.  I combine 2 colors to get my preferred shade! You should totally go and find you the perfect pink for your sweet lips.

Then…I get an awesome fun-filled box in the mail.

Glowing skin & summer color-gullycreekcottage-tayori

TAYORI!  Why had I not heard of you before and where have you been in my skin care regimen???  I open this box filled with the cutest packaged individual soaps that just smell simply divine!!!  I should mention that this is a collaboration with Tayori, and the collaboration is to review their  facial mask bar.  But sweet Trish sent me some samples and I must say, I’m addicted to two body soaps in particular, (meet me at midnight & nude) AND this one…the face mask bar.

So back to the Luxury Face Mask Bar!  

GLOWING SKIN & SUMMER COLOR-gullycreekcottage-maskbar

  • It smells amazing!  Containing essential oils like lavender, frank, tea tree and others.  Including Alaskan Glacial Mineral Mud as well as activated charcoal.  Sounds intense, but it’s not. 

It lathers up quickly and with some gentle rubbing you get a perfect amount of suds to exfoliate and massage into your face.  Leaving you with a supple and soft, even glowy texture!  It’s so amazing that I’m using it my morning and evening routine and I’m loving how my skin feels!

You can view my video with some massage tips below!  The more you massage the better your face feels!


I love glowing skin and while I know everyone has different skin types and their skin requires certain care techniques, I believe any skin type can benefit from this face mask bar.  I feel like I can go out without foundation my skin feels that great!

If you head over to Tayori, use the following code for 15% off your order until the end of July!! So hurry!

Code:  BELLE15

What is your skin regimen?  Do you moisturize and do you massage your face on a daily basis?  Do you do anything differently in the summer than you do during the other seasons?  I wanna know.

Face Mask Bar + hydrating balm + pink lips = glowy summer skin ❤︎

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