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go BOLD- winter chicAre you wondering about this little black dress and awesome leather riding boots?  I’ve been trying to deal with my fashion mentality all while adjusting to living in a colder climate.  Add, small country town setting to the mix.  So I decided on this Go BOLD -winter chic style that’s perfect for anyone, even this over 50 fashion conscience, cray-lady.

go Bold

(Those of you that know me, are probably trying to picture me getting dolled up in negative weather), it’s been complicated!  My husband on the other hand, said I shouldn’t change my style. (Sweet man!)  I’m a city girl and I love fashion, always have.  But there comes a time when you just have to let go of fashion and be sensible…or do we?  It can be a dilemma.  See I like “pretty”, I like “bling”, I like “pop”!

go BOLD- winter chic

Accessories, I have a buttload of!  They’re the perfect touch to complete any outfit.  But aside from accessories, what every girl needs to have in their closet… is a little black dress, (or 2 or 3)!

You can never N E V E R go wrong with a little black dress.  Then you pair it with some BOLD, bright, accessories like the ones here and you’ve got a great winter outfit appropriate for different events. A cute style that still allows you to maintain fashion sensibility.  Right?



Thick patterned tights can add fun and practicality. (Keeping you from freezing your bum off), and there’s some really cute ones out there!


So, for my mother/daughter movie date night, I wore my little black dress, with thick black tights, riding boots and accessorized it with a BOLD gold tassel necklace.  Sensible, chic, colorful, and classy.  Yet comfortable and functional (meaning weather appropriate –brrr), for 8 degree weather.  Ay caramba!!!

go BOLD- winter chic

Let’s not compromise our style because of winter! I. Will. Prevail.

This was perfect for me- perfect for a winter night out!

(“I will not lose my fashion sense because of winter! ” She was heard muttering, in her little black dress, as she sank into 6 feet of snow on a dead end country road with no cell service.)  But, looking quite stylish!


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