What to do with this stuff?  Well how ’bout a cute hand sanitizer dispenser for your hand gel?  I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk.  I’ve seen all the cute ways to spiff up a mason jar and thought, why don’t I do that for my sanitzing gel?

So I found some very useful “how to” info here, I just made some slight changes like painting the jar prior to putting it back together. And this was the end result and I love it on my desk—looks a whole lot better than the original container it comes in.  Right?


What I did:

Used an 8 ounce jar, washed, dried and painted it a cute buff.  Two coats of paint and a clear sealant later, I was ready to start on the lid.  Painted both pieces with an ebony black, after I followed steps on drilling the hole to fit the pump tightly.  (I used an old pump from an empty bottle, as it was black and looked prettier.)  I sprayed clear sealant on that prior to inserting the pump and gluing it in place. (I also trimmed the pump stem a little shorter to fit this jar.)


I allowed it to dry overnight before filling it with the sanitizing gel.cutest hand sanitizer dispenser

Now I have the prettiest hand sanitizer dispenser sitting on my desk!

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