HEADing somewhere-final-project

HEADing somewhere-board

Isn’t this super cute?  You’re probably wondering what the heck it is!  But that’s why I ♥ antiquing!  Cause I can always find something I fall in L♥VE with!  Whether it be envisioning a purpose, admiring the beautiful craftsmanship or just love it cause it’s too darn unique!   When I found this piece in a cute little shop, I immediately envisioned it’s purpose. HEADing somewhere!

You know how if you have a hall or area that has many doors next to each other and you have visitors, they always need to know where the loo, the potty, the outhouse is, right?  Well that’s what I pictured it as.   A sweet little header above our guest bathroom with some quaint font announcing what was behind door #1. 

I got it cleaned up, found a font I loved and sized it. (Could’ve gone a bit larger)!  With paintbrush in hand and very little effort…minutes later, we had a cute sign to hang.  The original white paint was in great condition.  It had a few marks here and there but I love that about old things!

heading somewhere-dry

See where I’m HEADED with this? It will proudly display above the bathroom door, simply stating it’s way to the loo.

HEADing somewhere-final-project

heading somewhere-board-header

A cute little touch to tell our visitors just where the OUTHOUSE is.  Sometimes I want to just label every room in the house but that would just be overkill, but this sign certainly makes it easier when giving directions to newcomers.

Happy May 1st!!! 

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