hello cupcake-door

hello cupcake - door

Well HELLO cupcake! and a Happy Easter to you as well.

Last night while talkin’ to my mom-in-law, she asked what we were doin’ for Easter.  Quite honestly, I hadn’t really given it much thought.  I’m just glad we won’t be on the road or have any major plans to deal with.

I’m sure Boo ‘n I will be takin’ it easy but we do want to go see the Kevin Costner (draft day) movie, so that’s on tap.  Other than that, my contribution to Easter this year…

this spring-y wreath for the front door (it looks awesome against my yellow Hello door)!

hello cupcake-pin

I did happen to bake these homemade lemon~coconut cupcakes.  My itty-bitty way of sayin’ “Happy Easter” to my hubby and the neighbors!

hello cupcake-treat

But my Easter treat to YOU is the diy for the door wreath (cuz I can’t mail you a cupcake)!

The project is simple, inexpensive and you can personalize it with your monogram!  But best of all—it doesn’t have to be just for the spring if you incorporate other colors.  Have fun!


24″ vine wreath

MDF letter of choice

1 sheet (your choice) scrapbook paper

1 large flower (your choice)


Floral wire


foam brush

antiquing medium

Trace your letter on the backside of the paper and cut.  Using the foam brush and mod podge, brush a layer of it on the backside of paper and on the letter.  Now, lay paper right side up on the letter and use brush to smooth out any bubbles and wrinkles being careful not to rip.  Allow to dry completely.  Once dry, use a paper towel to rub a small amount of medium on edges and wherever you want to give it more character.

(You know those soft drink can tabs?  Well, I save ’em sometimes to use as picture hangers).  I just nail the tab down with small nails or screws.  That’s what I did here, or you can drill a tiny hole at top to run wire through for attaching to the wreath.

Next you will attach the greenery and flower to the wreath using the floral wire and then attach the letter and you’re done!


 hello cupcake-dayhello cupcake-staining

hello cupcake-final

Hello Cupcake

A cheery door wreath and that’s it guys!  I told you it was super easy and you can finish it in under an hour.  Fun, simple and cheery!

From GCC to you~ Happy Easter!

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