the lovely long story!
On my “about me” page, I wrote about how my husband and I met in very short detail.  Well, here’s the story.

Many years ago, I was going to college.  That fall, I had been elected campus queen. Several school clubs were helping on putting together a float for the fair parade that was quickly approaching.  We were having trouble rounding up some help, so every morning I would go in the office and make a plea over the intercom for help.  One particular day after having made the announcement, I was walking to one of my classes across campus and in the middle of the walkway was a group of guys and one in particular steps out and says, “hey, are you the one making announcements asking for help on the float?”
To which I replied “yes.”  He said that he would be there to help that night and I thanked him and walked on to my class.  Later that night, I got to the warehouse where we were putting the float together and there walks in “the guy.”  I was truly surprised that he showed up like he said he would.

I thanked him again and night after night, he showed up.  Several days later, I had a date lined up with a guy that had been asking me out for 2 years and I had finally decided to go out with him only because of his persistence.  Well, “the guy”, two days before my date, asks me out on that same night that I had my other date lined up.
I had really enjoyed being around him.  He was polite, funny, and very sweet.  So after thinking about it a bit, I called the other guy up and cancelled.  (He never spoke to me again).
“The guy” on the other hand, was excited that I told him yes. Before we headed out to our date he invited me over to his folks for his brother’s dinner celebration.  When we walked in the door, his dad said…”so that’s the float you’ve been working on.”  LOL—he called me the “float” for quite sometime!  Well, this month it will be 32 years since our first date and tomorrow—31 years that we’ve been married.
I am so thankful that “my guy” walked up to me that day and that I accepted his date invite.  He is the love of my life!  I am thankful that he is a remarkably giving man.  He has been a great father to our kids and a wonderful guardian to many beautiful, less-fortunate children.  He makes me laugh. He makes me happy!
And I always mean this when I tell him…a hundred years together, would surely be too few.  For everyday and every year I fall in love with you. 

Happy anniversary darlin’.


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