High maintenance is not a word I use to describe myself but these products will definitely help in maintaining both your skin and your hair to a new high!

(“we received these free products in exchange for our honest review.”)
So I’m excited about this post cause I have three products that I want to rave about!

I like talking about being kind to your skin, and maintaining great hair. Well, I was asked to try out some products for AMZ Deal for my honest feedback and I wanted to share my results with you guys.
High Maintenance

Let’s start with,

PRODUCT #1 (and my newest favorite), the HAIR SERUM!

High Maintenance
Omg, I can go on and on!!! This hair serum is my hairs new best friend- no lie! I honestly can’t wait to wash my hair so I can add some more of this lusciousness to my tresses because of the amazing results I’ve seen in a very short time! But here are the reasons I love this stuff:

  • Makes my hair shine
  • Softens my hair
  • Smells A M A Z I N G!
  • A little goes a long way!
  • Non-greasy

Now, for what I’ve noticed during this trial.

High Maintenance

My hair had currently been through a rough state of bleaching so that I could remove all coloring to allow my gray hair to naturally come in without skunk lines. (Very harsh treatment to my hair.) Thankfully I have a ton of thick hair and it grows pretty steady. However, even with the precautions we took during that year of traumatizing it, my hair was brittle, dry, and wasn’t growing at all. I had been doing weekend treatments of coating my hair in coconut oil, wrapping it, and waiting for 4 hours or more to help it recover. Which it did, but my hair was still not as strong as before and it still wasn’t growing. After the second time of using this hair serum, I could see my hair become alive again (I know hair is dead), but there was so much more body to it, it was super soft, glossy, and no brittle ends.

And, it’s growing!!! YAY!!!
High Maintenance
My hair is not greasy at all but that little dab of serum adds the perfect coating to protect my hair from styling and allows it to grow while looking fab! So happy I was given the opportunity to try this one out because I’m a HUGE-HUGE FAN!!!!

High Maintenance

PRODUCT #2:  the VIVO mineral mud clay mask

High Maintenance

What I love about this mud clay mask:

  • Very light
  • non-fragrant
  • Glides on and off
  • Non-harsh

I was surprised that this mud clay mask was as light as it is but you can feel a softer skin after the first use.  It doesn’t harden nor does it cake up when allowing it to do it’s thing.  It didn’t sting or burn or cause any rash or skin variations at anytime.  But I did notice it making my skin softer and it opened up my pores after the third use.  I will be making this a weekly regimen.

PRODUCT #3: the Vivo Retinol Wrinkle Face Mask

What I love about this wrinkle face mask:

  • Diminishes fine lines
  • smooth skin
  • Smells amazing
  • Clarifies your skin
  • Non-harsh

The first thing you’ll notice when you open this up, is the smell,  A M A Z I N G!!!! It glides on and you can feel a slight heat to it after a couple of minutes.  When you wash it off, your skin is soft and slightly taut.  Over multiple uses, you will notice fewer fine lines.  This is a BIG container for the price and the results!

There you have it!  Three great products with amazing results and just in time for the harsh weather that takes a toll on both our hair and our skin!

Give them a try, just click on the product names above for ordering!

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