just sharin’ one of my favorite topics…home decorating!

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Where to begin on telling you what I love about this top photo.  The rough distressed doors, then those linen covered benches with perfectly flowing ruffles, then that gorgeous old pail filled with flowers-what a statement!  Exactly what you want a room to say—-“CHECK ME OUT”!

Having decorated homes for a living and for the sheer LOVE of it, I can tell you that nothing makes my heart skip a beat aside from my kiddos n honey—like creating something or seeing others creating something that requires thinking outside the box and making something ordinary into extraordinary.

home decor-base

Example:  Fabulous old wood used as baseboards— creating a beautiful contrast when paired with that floor and stucco!  Oh what a difference! Love!

home decor-color

COLOR!  I can’t say enough about color.  One of the things that I have to talk people & clients into —-adding color to their space.  Just look at the difference in this room.  Some clever one decided to walk on their wild side and thought–let’s embrace you with a little jade & make you outstanding!  Done!

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Personal touches! ♥ ♥ ♥ Like this old postcard, (surely someones sentimental piece), turned into over-sized wall art!  Adore!

home decor-fan

Oh man!  Who wouldn’t love old wind mill blades turned into a functional ceiling fan? Genius!  Although, jeopardizing my chance of finding one for my own personal use due to the demand on their popularity now-bummer!

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Recycling in any form—-makes me smile!  Checkout this way cool chandelier made with recycled soft drink bottles.  Too cool for words!   Don’t be afraid to totally “rad-up” your exterior as well.  Like this…

home decor-4a9cc9ce2f2e5282d5936c36ecbbfd16

home decor

Who wouldn’t want to join you in this happy little place?  Charming old doors, wicker seating and two beautiful columns to anchor the space—sheer awe!

Beautiful spaces that say—come here, check me out, sit a spell and fall in love with me. No home or room should be ordinary- don’t be afraid to add character & charm in any space.  ESPECIALLY if you spend a lot of time in it~



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