Homemade freezer fruit pops

Summer time and it’s time to stay cool!  Right?


By whichever means possible…double right?  So why not grab some fresh fruit and mix it up for some homemade freezer pops!  That’s what I just did. Grab you some cool pop molds,


Wash and and cut up some fresh fruit.


I used up my remaining last seasons peaches, (as I will be headed to Fredricksburg to stock up on this season’s stash).  Then mix up some sugar syrup (with a twist),

combine with the fruits & the syrup and blend it all up.

homemade freezer fruit pops

Then pour it into the molds.


Freeze and then you have some healthy alternatives to the sugar-laden ones you find in the store.  Your kids will love them, they can even help you make them.

homemade freezer fruit pops

For a refreshing summer treat—a homemade freezer fruit pop!  Here’s the recipe

pop recipe

I changed the water in the syrup recipe to coconut water to give it a little variation PLUS cause I’m fixin’ to make some coconut flavored pops of some kind-YUM!



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