Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-homemade

You know what I love about nature?  Clues: it’s not the heat or bugs. Lol.  But rather that it provides us with some really good stuff that can help our bodies, our skin, and our well being. Natural and organic stuff.  Such as honey, rosemary, or coconut oil. They’re amazing and they can make some darn good soap ingredients.  Homemade soaps from organic ingredients is a thing –a very good thing!

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-soaps

I’ve made soaps in the past for gifts and for our use simply because they do give you softer and smoother feeling skin and who doesn’t love that?  Better than chemical laden soap that is harsh or dries out the skin. Opt instead for natural ingredients like goats milk, lavender, citrus, & honey.

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-ingredients


Mini because they’re the perfect size to have on hand for our B&B guests and because I love making soaps that smell good, have great natural ingredients & leave your skin feeling A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!! (As they should!)

I’ve been wanting to do some homemade soaps for our guests at the Peppermill B&B since we opened up but hadn’t had the chance to do so. (And, I secretly LOVE making soaps.)

But wait no more my dear guests!  I finally had time to make ’em and they are fabulous!!!  Natural & organic is always best and we aim for the best for our guests.  (We love to spoil ’em!)

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-vite

Using a mini silicone soap mold and some repurposed mini plastic cups, the outcome were some adorable mini soaps that are the perfect size to give our guests!

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients

These varieties include: rosemary lavender, milk & honey, citrus, and coconut oil.  Any of them are surely going to awaken your senses while softening your skin. Win win.  And honestly, who doesn’t love those ingredients especially lavender?  Right?

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-lavender

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-honey

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-citrus

Homemade soaps from organic ingredients-gullycreekcottage-lime

As if those ingredients alone weren’t good enough, I made sure to add vitamin E and essential oils for a more beneficial outcome.  Guys, they smell soooooooooo good!  So good that my grandson wanted to eat them-serious!  His favorite…summer citrus!  My favorite…it’s a toss up between the coconut lime & the rosemary lavender.

Homemade soaps = the best feeling and smelling skin.

I was so happy to have a week off because I put it to good use.  Belle is always happiest when she can be making, building, or repairing anything.  Just wait for my latest re-purposed wood project that I also worked on! (Next post.)

For now…head over to our B&B Facebook page for a chance to get a free sample of a mini bar soap!  Thank you for being awesome and following along~

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