hooray for 35

Hooray for 35 as the mister and I are celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary!  I have loved every minute of my life’s journey with this man!

hooray for 35
What do I love about him?
• he’s a GIVER
He comes to anyone’s holler, especially a lady in distress.
• he’s PATIENT
With me anyway—and that’s really all that matters 
Trust me when I say that every single time I have had a brilliant & not so brilliant idea—he has ALWAYS been right there to cheer me on
• he has a wonderful SENSE OF HUMOR
A sense of humor is needed in any relationship!

Part of the key to our marriage has been these 2 things: RESPECT & COMMUNICATION

LOVE?  Of course you’re with a person because you fell in love with them but a relationship grows stronger when you respect each other & you leave the door of communication open at all times.

My sweet man is definitely my better ½ & one of my greatest blessings.

The one thing that I have failed to do throughout the 35 years together, is tell my Mother-in-law how thankful I am for bringing this guy into the world and for raising such a wonderful human being. THANK YOU GRANNY!!!
I wouldn’t be the person I am without this amazing man.

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