Pearls are always appropriate!  Just sayin’!  And although Spring is quickly approaching, pearls are ALWAYS in, not just in the Spring time.  The art of how to dress up pearls doesn’t have to be a challenge.  It’s actually quite the contrary, as you will find in this post.
how to dress up pearls-grit
how to dress up pearls--collection
A serious collection of pearls.  I obviously LOVE pearls.  I can’t think of any other jewelry piece that is classier and has the ability to dress up even the rattiest of jeans or plain t-shirt, to look amazingly chic and stunning.  A strand of pearls can do that.
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There’s power in pearls!  They can look romantic, subtle, and can complete an outfit.  As you can see below, chic in every way.
How to dress up pearls-collage
I took some of my multi stranded pearl baubles and paired them with some closet finds to show you how you can have fun with pearls!
how to dress up pearls-options

How to dress up pearls

Head to your closet and gather some pieces to complete a cuter, classier look by adding some strands of pearls. It’s not difficult to create cuteness with just a strand.   Take a peek at these ensembles.

Outfit #1:  Blush knit top with back lace inset, (I have it backwards so you can see the lovely lace).  Paired with multi strand necklace and clogs.  You can add some great jeans to this one!
how to dress up pearls-chevron
Outfit #2:  Chevron black & white tunic paired with a blanket scarf to match the chevron/blue stilettos. Pearls are just the cherry on top!
how to dress up pearls-raspberry
Outfit #3:  Raspberry, ruffles, pearls and boots. What can be cuter than this?  Paired with leggings or jeans and you’ll outshine as all get out.

Pearls are always appropriate.  Jackie Kennedy

Right?  What’s not to love about classic and pretty AND pearls♥!

how to dress up pearls-box

Now to search high and low for a pair of these, aren’t they fantastic!?!

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