Anybody else out there hate when you can’t find all your makeup stuff?  Well, let’s talk about getting our beauty stuff organized on this how to organize our beauty tools post.

Cause I noticed immediately after we found the home we wanted that some things would have to change.  I’ve always had drawers in my vanity that housed all my makeup and beauty tools.  Well that wasn’t the case in this new place.  So, I had to make some modifications cause it was driving me crazy, (my OCDness was killing me)!!!  I went in search of cute organizers that wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg and here’s what I found.
how to organize your beauty tools-collage

Acrylic organizers are awesome but can get quite pricey. I snatched all of these for under $30 with a $10 off coupon.

This cute wooden carousel holder happened to be my favorite as I have way too many brushes and it would be perfect for that.

how to organize your beauty tools-carousel

So here’s what I bought and how I used ’em.  My morning routine just got so much easier!!!

how to organize your beauty tools-box how to organize your beauty tools-brushes-carousel how to organize your beauty tools-fluff how to organize your beauty tools-lips

If this idea doesn’t work for you then you might want to check these other cute ideas I found on pinterest.

how to organize your beauty tools-makeupwallhow to organize your beauty tools-tictacs

How brilliant is the use of the tic tac holder for your bobby pins?  People are so clever!

how to organize your beauty tools

And just in case you need a little tip guide for the basic beauty makeup brushes, if you’re totally new to the whole makeup brush thing.  A little cheat sheet!


No more hunting for my beauty tools—-they’re nicely layed out on a shelf in the linen closet designated just for them AND right next to my vanity.  My life just got simpler, hallelujah ~

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