I love playing dress up-burgundy

Okay guys and dolls! Like my profile says I’m a girl who loves to wield around power tools, I’m not afraid of sawdust, (as a matter of fact- I ♥ it), yet I don’t like dirt ;).  But I love painting and woodworking and LOWES, and even at 56, yes! I love playing dress up! I’m pretty girly-girl that way!!!  So short post on what Belle’s been wearing in case anyone needs inspiration on mixing it up!

My winters been put away, even climbed up and sorted all my boots a little higher in the closet shelves, (not too far after all my cowboy boots can’t be too out of reach)!  But gotta make room for the spring wedges & sandals. (I wish I had a separate room for my wardrobe), wishful thinking. Anyway, here are some cute combos and girly-girl inspirations.

I love playing dress up-wedge

Flowy burgundy tunic paired with jeans and cute wedges!


A long lightweight navy top with lace trim, jeans & sparkly pumps for a night on the town!

I love playing dress up-outfit

Cute outfit for work or fun, a coral skirt, flouncy gray ruffled top accented with gold and Betty Flinstone baubles!  Cute huh?

Then for some facial touches… don’t forget to add some of these little babies to your makeup drawer.  Sponge makeup blenders!!! They are amazing for perfect contouring and applying your makeup flawlessly.  A perfect blending little sponge, you’ll never need another type!

I love playing dress up-lips

Add some splash to your lips as well, like “fearless” a merger of two great colors for this season- coral and red!

Then of course never underestimate the power of accessorizing toots!

I love playing dress up-bangles

Have fun playing dress up~

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