“I don’t want to need you, cause I can’t have you”.

A beautiful line from one of my favorite romance/drama flicks. I’ve been visiting my sweet girl, her hubby and my awesome gbaby and while I hated to tear away from the baby, I did just that so that they could have visiting time with their friends that came to meet the baby.  I went on an excursion… in search of the bridges from that beautiful movie.


in search of the bridges

Away I went on a beautiful, sunny, Saturday afternoon.  Driving through many a graveled country road and sipping on my iced tea, finally arriving in the sweet little Midwestern town of Winterset.

The following are some of the many beautiful covered bridges located in quaint Madison County.

in search of the bridges br2x br3x




The sun was in full form and while it interfered some with my attempt at getting some decent photos, I enjoyed having the sun on my back & shining on my face with it’s steady rays teasing and hinting of spring around the corner.  I didn’t get to see all of the covered bridges as I was running out of time, but nonetheless, I enjoyed a lovely day out.  Spending the remainder of my time in the town square, lunching at the local drugstore/ice cream parlor and doing a little bit of shopping.



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