in the mood for green-cup-tea

Anyone?  I love color.  It’s all around us.  Even my spanish olive that refuses to give up on us after 20 some years, is vibrant green and blooming. It’s been moved, transplanted and relocated so many times and still trudges on.  It’s will to survive makes me smile and I am thankful for it’s persistence. So this spring day, I’m in the mood for green!


GREEN!  How about teas?  What is your favorite tea?  Black, white, green?  How ’bout organic matcha green tea?


Are you wondering what matcha is?  Well…matcha refers to green tea that has been finely milled into a very fine powder. You can then use it for drinks and baking.  It’s a great antioxidant, increases your metabolism, focus and energy.  It’s great for us- in other words.

Since this was my first time to use green tea in powder form, I was more than intrigued.  I did a little research and decided to get to work.

FIRST TRIAL~  a latte green

in the mood for green-cup-tea

I’m a lover of teas, (I am southern after-all) since forever!  I like ’em hot, iced, plain, cold or creamed!  The blended tea latte was smooth, a little intense (when I used the amount in recipe), so next time I made it, I brought it down a notch. Tasty and soothing!  So then I decided to bake something with it.


In comes my zucchini stash in the freezer.

SECOND TRIAL~ Zucc Matcha Muffins 


OKAY…so you’re thinking GREEN eggs & ham, soylent green (the ’73 sci-fi flick) and grossing out.

NO!!!—YUM! I believe your little monsters around the house are going to love these. You vegetarian & healthy conscience-peeps are gonna want to try these.  If my husband is curious enough to grab 2 of these (at one sitting)–and he’s usually pretty hesitant, you will be too!  So, naturally I’m sharing my recipe and hoping that you’ll try these.

Zucc Matcha Muffins

1 1/2 c. flour

1/2 c. sugar

1/4 c. brown sugar

1/2 t. salt

2 t. baking powder

1/2 t. cinnamon

1/4 t. nutmeg

1 T. matcha powder

2 eggs

1 t. vanilla

2 c. shredded zucchini

1/3 c. oil

Preheat oven to 375°.  Line your muffin tins and set aside.  In a large bowl, blend your eggs, oil and vanilla then add the zucchini and mix well.  In a separate bowl, combine all your dry ingredients.

in the mood for green-ingredients

Gently mix them into the egg mixture, stirring only until moistened.  Do not over stir!  Drop spoonfuls into the muffin tins and bake for 15-19 minutes (or until golden brown and toothpick comes out clean).

in the mood for green-muffins

(I placed a whole almond on the center of each before baking—totally optional!)  You stomach weaklings might not be fond of the green mixture, but if you can get past that, you’ll be happy you did!  Cause they’re worth a try. These will definitely be made often but for sure for a St. Paddy’s brunch!

in the mood for green-yum-matcha

I’m thinking maybe this matcha organic green tea combined with the goodness of organically grown zucchini might give me a boost of energy & keep me trudging like our sweet spanish olive.  Too tasty not to try~

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