This is the island color I meant.  A project I just worked on!

Island color-decorating

Wish it looked more like this…


But oh well 🙁  This week I will be working on repainting kitchen cabinets.  A must for a dark kitchen!  If you want to make any room look brighter and more open, always opt for light hues.  They not only open up a room but create an illusion of more light coming through the room.

Island color-aqua

Here are the BEFORE pictures of the dark stained wood cabinets in this island.  Since our taste is more “Texas rustic” (yep! that’s our very own style), than these traditional/modern look, I’m redoing these cabinets to compliment our taste but to bring in some much needed light as well.

cabinets2x cabsx

What color is an island?

blues, greens…

I incorporated more of the “aloe” (almost a seafoam), color that I had previously used on the pantry door to tie the room together.  I mixed it up to a “chalk paint” base and then started painting away.  Chalk paint is AWESOME if you plan to paint something that you want to not have to prime or prep before painting.  Our kitchen is brand new, so the cabinetry is already a perfect base and no sanding or priming was needed.  I did do a slight sanding after the 2nd coat, (just barely smoothing off the surface for a smooth finish), before applying the wax.

The rest of the cabinets will be antiqued a light color for a “much brighter” cocina for this chica!  After all, no one likes to cook in a dark kitchen. PLUS, a bright room is more inviting!

As you can see by these AFTER pics, you can already notice how much brighter it is in that little space, can’t ya?



Still deciding on the knobs and pulls to order,  then on to finish up the rest of the cabinets.  Which I hope to be completing this  week.

Some more BEFORE & AFTERS~

bnaCollage bnasideCollage
Some closeups~

Island color-chalk-paint

Island color-home-decor

Hope you stay tuned this week for some more of the GCC kitchen cabinetry makeover~


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