it's springing in the hill country-shops

We’ve had quite the colder temps here in these parts (unusually so) but Thursday and Friday were splendidly spring-full!  It’s springing in the hill country  and one of my girlfriends (Lisa) and I met up in Bastrop (1/2 way point) and I yelped a good eatin’ place for our meet-spot.  Based on yelpers reviews (which have NEVER failed me-EVER), I picked the Roadhouse.  Not disappointed yet again!  Their burgers are wonderful but their in-house baked jalapeno buns are fantastic!  YOU MUST TRY if you’re ever in the Bastrop area.

it's springing in the hill country-roadhouse

The day was windy-cool but the sun was out and it turned out to be a fabulous day- so I couldn’t drive back home w/out enjoying it…

So… a few antique stores, sightseeing and (of course) visiting the courthouse was a must.

it's springing in the hill country-shops

it's springing in the hill country-cat

it's springing in the hill country-courthouse

Then on my way home I saw this beautiful creature!

it's springing in the hill country-longhorn

If you know anything about the things I love—you should know that courthouses and LONGHORN are at the TOP of my list!  This one was as if he was posing just for me—-thank you sir-magnificent beast!

Stopped at the mailbox and I rec’d this wonderful handmade gift (highly anticipated for a few weeks),from a classmate and fb friend (Laura), and I was certainly pleased and happy to covet ’em! They are perfect – especially for this boot wearin’ girl!  They are reversible boot cuffs (cream shown here) but the other half is black—ooh la la!

Muah Laura L.!!!

it's springing in the hill country-boot-cuff

Then today was my farmer’s market day!  We left the house with the outside temp at 78º and 15 minutes later it was rainy and cold (40°)!!!  So a rush thru (cause I was obviously not dressed for the weather change), to pick up what we needed  —fresh collards, carrots, onions, broccoli and sourdough bread!

it's springing in the hill country-market

But making a brunch stop at Opal Divine’s (one of our fave) and you should try it too!  I had the sprout avocado omelette with pan fried potatoes and one of the best biscuits ever.  DELICIOUS!!!  Opal’s has some of the freshest food known to man—well in Austin, you can’t go wrong with eating out!  They have the top- of the “A” list food served anywhere! Trust me on this-

it's springing in the hill country-eats

Now chilling, blogging a bit and preparing the menu for the “SPRING BREAKERS” that we will be having here next week and the following week.

Also, the hubby n I will be celebrating our anniversary this week—yay! Good times ahead!

Have a blessed-filled day amigos~

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