Long time guys!!!  I’m here to talk kitchen gadgets.  Do you love spending time in your kitchen?  If so, what are your must-have tools that you just can’t do without?  Cause in this post I’m talkin’ about kitchen tool must-haves!  A few of my favorite tools that make baking and cooking so much easier.  Who doesn’t love that?!

Kitchen Tool must-haves-gullycreekcottage-mini

Owning and running a bed and breakfast in my spare time – means lots of hours spent in the kitchen.  But long before that, I’ve always spent lots of time my kitchen and I love to.  But there are tools that I just need that make my “life” in the kitchen a whole lot easier and happier.  You know what they say, “if momma ain’t happy…”

Since my time in the kitchen is now longer and more varied, I’ve had to invest in some new gadgets that save me time and help in accomplishing cooking tasks with greater ease.  My hope is that this information will be somewhat helpful to you, whether you are a newbie, a kitchen enthusiast, or a veteran cook!  So let’s move along.

Kitchen Tool must-haves

My new favorite is a simple little spatula!

Kitchen Tool must-haves-gullycreekcottage-spatula

However, this little spatula is so versatile and flexible.  It also has that little lip that helps sit on the pan, bowl, pot, whatever you’re using it in.  It’s got the perfect angle but then it has the tail end that can also be used for scooping—like the perfect size for a taste test of whatever you’re making!  I love it so much I got one for my daughter.  And guess what?  She loves it just as much!  I bought mine from Zulily but I’m sure Amazon carries them as well.

Kitchen Tool must-haves-gullycreekcottage-mixercleaner

This! OMG.  Why did I never know about this little whiz before?  You attach it to your mixer paddle prior to mixing and then slide it down to help clean up any leftover batter, icing, frosting, etc. off your paddle!  LOVE!

Kitchen Tool must-haves-gullycreekcottage-strainer

Sharp knives are a must!  I have many sizes, those that have their sole purpose and those that I can’t live without.  Expensive ones and ones that are very affordable but do the job!  J. A. Henckels and Rada knives.  Do you see that funky little half moon gadget?  That is a pot strainer that I have had for 15 some years y’all.  Seriously, one of my “don’t anyone use it and then make me have to go hunting for it” tool.  I just better know where it’s at, at all times.  It helps strain anything and everything from a pot or bowl, especially really small things that will fall through a colander.

Kitchen Tool must-haves-gullycreekcottage-zester

So I’ve talked about my favorite spatula but I also need to tell you about this zester!  Why on God’s green earth did I wait so long to buy one of these?  If you citrus zest in recipes or fresh ginger…holy moly, don’t pass this bad boy up.  Several years ago I purchased one while my girlfriends and I were shopping in Wimberly.  Somehow while moving, I misplaced it, lost it, and never got to use it.  When I finally got around to replacing it- I now can’t imagine life in the kitchen without it.

Some other loves:

Hope this info has been somewhat helpful to you.  I wouldn’t recommend any of them if I honestly hadn’t used them and they hadn’t performed well for me, time & time again!

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