While we had a mostly quiet weekend (which was super nice), I did manage to make 12 jars of jam. Yes. I’ve been jammin’ again!  With a terrific new blend – Blackberry Lavender, (that’s AMAZING) and a minimal amount of my favorite, Pear Vanilla.  Back to the blackberry lavender… lavender tastes so good y’all.

Lavender tastes so good y'all-gullycreekcottage-jams

I was shopping in Des Moines a few weeks ago and went in to World Market to pick up a few items.  I ended up picking up some French lavender in their spice section. Not knowing what I would use it for, but who doesn’t love lavender?  

Lavender tastes so good y'all-gullycreekcottage-collage

Then our local grocer had beautifully plump blackberries for the cheap.  Whenever fruits or veggies are an abundance and at a good price—we stock up.  This blend of blackberry lavender is so divine.  It’s hard to explain the taste of this combination but when you slather it on top of a hot biscuit with butter, it’s heaven.  Subtle, sweet and delicious!

Lavender tastes so good y'all-gullycreekcottage-berries

I love making jams and jellies, you know that!  It’s something that is so rewarding to me. It helps having a stash on hand.  Not only for eating but to gift to friends and company. (I’m really preparing for the apocalypse. And what could be better than having a variety of jams to choose from when the world is in disarray?) Ha!!!  One of my butler’s pantry cupboard is stocked for the coming months and for holiday gifting.

Lavender tastes so good y'all-gullycreekcottage-canning

Last Fall was also my first time to make Pear Vanilla jam and I think I literally ate the majority of the jars myself.  There’s very few things in life that I overdo. That’s now added to that list! LOL? and I’m not sorry.

Lavender tastes so good y'all-gullycreekcottage-pearvanilla

When I made the raspberry jam last week, it was my first time to ever make that variety.  Again, the raspberries were a steal and we stocked up with several pints.

Lavender tastes so good y'all-gullycreekcottage-raspberry

My MIL L❤️VES raspberry jam, so we shipped her a care package and asked her to give me her honest opinion. She loved it!

As long as I’m able to find canning jars in the stores, my next batch will be more jalapeño blends. I still have several frozen peppers that I need to use up soon! If you’ve never had a pepper jelly, it is to die for.  A combo of sweet with the mild heat from the peppers make it a lovely combo. You can serve it on cream cheese with crackers for an easy appetizer. But you can also drizzle on grilled chicken, pork, or turkey. Yum!  

Lavender tastes so good y’all

Would it be wrong to put lavender in everything y’all?  

Let me try to explain  the dreaminess that is… when you smear a spoonful of a homemade jam on a panful of hot, buttery biscuits.  As tasty as the raspberry jam was… I can honestly say my new favorite is the blackberry lavender.  You get a taste of that sweet lavender mixed in with the powerfully tasty blackberries and it makes you want to snuggle under a blanket with a plateful of those biscuits.  And do nothing else but just devour them and take in each and every bite.  

lavender yum…

Since it was my first time experimenting with this blend, I’m gonna have to tweak the recipe and reduce the amount of lavender.  My son said it was too strong for him. It wasn’t for us I but I can see where someone else other than the two of us wouldn’t care for the lavender being overpowering.

Give canning jams and jellies a try if you never have.  It really is simple and when you make them the first time around and you’ve succeeded, you’ll feel like you can rule the world.  (Well not really, but it is gratifying & fun!)

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