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I might shock you with this confession but it’s 2019 and I’m no longer playin’ it safe. I’m an open book, a reveler, and an apprentice of all things nerdy. There. First confession of the year is exposed and you’re here for it. Lol. I have a Techy-nerdy side.  I love learning new things including technical, computer things. A few weeks ago I learned about the space bar capabilities on my iPhone (which I had no clue but has made my life so much sweeter) and now I’m here to show you something about facebook–you ready?  Let’s change colors.  Here is your typical- ordinary and very standard facebook cover.

Let's change colors-gullycreekcottage-fbface

I’ve never been crazy about that “blue”.  But then I’m the same person that has to change and rearrange her rooms constantly so that one’s not a shocker. Really though.  That blue gets annoying, right?  I’m gonna show you how easy it is to change the screen color to your liking and it only takes a few minutes to do it but you’ll love it!  That’s if it bothers you like it bothers me. Chances are you’re probably not OCD-anal about it like I am.  Anywho…back to that.

  1.  Head over to Google Chrome, open the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Search for Color Changer for Facebook. (See arrow on the left and you want to choose the 1st one “Color & Theme Changer for FB”.  Click on the “ADD TO CHROME” blue button on the right.

Let's change colors-gullycreekcottage-chrome

Ready to have your mind blown?  Check out the colored themes you can choose from…

Let's change colors-gullycreekcottage-tan

Let's change colors-gullycreekcottage-dark

Let's change colors-gullycreekcottage-yellow

I KNOW —RIGHT??? Pshhh mind blown. lol. Yeah, but back to the rest of the steps.  Cause you’re close to done.

Let’s change colors


  1. Now, open Google Chrome and your Facebook page. Once there (refer to picture below) and see where the arrows pointing?  Click on that and this window will pop open.  Now you can scroll through all those saved themes and color choices.
  2. Select one, that’s it!!!  Easy right?

Let's change colors-gullycreekcottage-howto

Seriously how easy is that?  Lots of fun colors to play with and you can change it based on your mood, your nerdy-ness or just to change your screen for the day!

I know what you’re thinking.  This lady needs something to do.  HA–I’ve got lots to do but if I can color my world —I’m all over it!

Either way, now that I’m fully exposed… sharing my nerdy side, I hope you find this useful and that it changes your world–well, at least the way you see your facebook world.

Peace nerds❣️

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