Let's get a fire going-gcc-tarts

While taking my hubs to the airport a few days ago, he asked me to turn right around and come back home because the forecast didn’t look good.  I actually listened to him. Maybe you’re experiencing the beginning of Spring where you’re at.  We are enjoying a very late winter in the Midwest with icy roads and snow everywhere. Let’s get a fire going and I’ll fill you in on the rest.

Let's get a fire going-gcc-fire

Let’s get a fire going…

my wintery story…

I was about thirty minutes away from home when the drizzle continued and as it hit the windshield, it immediately turned to ice.  Being a Texas girl, I’d never seen that happen and I’m not used to that!

Jammin’ to some Dave Mathews and loving what I was experiencing, I tried not to get too distracted with the ice that I’d neglect focusing on the road conditions.  But I did make it home safely and it’d be my first time home alone thru a winter storm!  

Instead of focusing on “what if we lose power?” or other “what-if’s”, I kept my self busy.

That’s what I do.  

So, regardless of what season you might be experiencing, who doesn’t love lounging by a fire pit?

That’s why I decided to do a fun DIY that you can involve the kids in and it’s gonna make lighting your fire pit, a whole lot easier.

Let's get a fire going-gcc-starters

You can collect your dryer lint and set it aside or you can grab some sawdust.  My SIL happened to be doing a home project and had just collected a bunch of sawdust he was fixin’ to dump when I snatched it out of the wastebasket.  

When I had the four year old grandson help me with these, I told him that we could make some for his uncle Jacob to use in his fire pit also.  But I said… “can you help me make something for Uncle Jacob?”  He of course sees the bowl full of sawdust and says… “we’re giving Uncle Jacob sawdust?” Lol

Let's get a fire going-gcc-ingred Let's get a fire going-gcc-stuff

What you’ll need:

  • sawdust or dryer lint
  • wax (I also reserve my used up scentsy wax & scrapings from old candles)
  • wick or string
  • cupcake liners & muffin tin
  • sage/whole cloves/dried rosemary/orange peel (the grands love clementines, so I just save all the peel for this)
  • glass measuring cup or stainless steel pan (for melting wax)

Line the muffin tin with liners and start by adding a bit of sawdust or lint (or both), place the wick/string, and continue filling 3/4’s of the way with more and then add the cloves, rosemary & peel or whatever you want to add.  Melt the wax (doesn’t take long), low to medium heat if stovetop or in the microwave in glass container.  Gently pour hot wax in each cup.  Allow to cool.

Let's get a fire going-gcc-helper Let's get a fire going-gcc-fill

Let's get a fire going-gcc-wax Let's get a fire going-gcc-filled

I even used the remaining wax of my melted Magnolia candle because I love the smell!

Let's get a fire going-gcc-tarts

These are also perfect for gift giving if you have a special someone that also enjoys lighting up their fire pit!  Wrap ’em up in cute bags (as shown) or wrap individually in clear liner & tie with twine!

Let's get a fire going-gcc-wrapped Let's get a fire going-gcc-gift

Time to enjoy these awesome fire starters!

They smell amazing and will help you get that fire going in no time- plus, kids love using something they helped make!  


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