Here I am living on borrowed time (turning 60).  I’m vintage, a product of 1959 and I really just turned 60. I’m ecstatic about this. Never have I been so happy about a birthday as I was for this one.  Here’s why, a short story on my passed 30 years.

Living on borrowed time (turning 60)-gullycreekcottage-1959

I’m a dreamer, a believer of signs.  A truster of gut feelings.  When I was 21 it was impressed upon me, a feeling, not a voice or major phenomenon, but rather just a real feeling that came over me.  Telling me that I wouldn’t live over 40.

The first thought that came to mind was, I will never be a grandmother.  Then, I will not live to see my kids grow up.  I will not have long to spend with those I love.  So I made a promise.  To be the best wife to my beautiful man, the best mother to my kids, the best daughter that I could and to be the best at anything I tried to do.  If I had dreams or goals, I would try my darndest to fulfill them.  My motto:  “life is what you make it.”


When I turned 40, I silently smiled and thought…well, maybe it was meant that I wouldn’t make it to 50.  So I quietly celebrated my 40’s.  I made the best of it.  Thinking about what I could do to live out some dreams, I decided to open an interior decorating business and run with it.  It had been a dream of mine. Here I was, living in the Houston area, a place as good as any to make a career change. Business immediately began taking off and I loved being able to transform other peoples living spaces.  The kids soon headed off to college and my son returned to Texas to pursue his musical dreams.   We were empty nesting it and in our spare time, my husband and I took weekend trips, some long trips.  We had a laid back leisurely life.  The 40’s turned out awesome!


My 50’s quickly came, as well as the hubs making a career change.  We moved to the Dallas area where we made beautiful friends, and being able to spend more quality time as husband and wife.  Then on to Austin where we spent lots of time with our son and catching as many of his shows as possible.  AND then the grandchildren came.  Wow! I honestly never thought that time would ever come for me.  Never-ever-ever!  What a beautiful gift I’ve been given, is all I could kept telling myself.  But why did my destiny change course? That’s okay, I thought.  I’ve been given a gift.  One that I would embrace and again–run with.

After much discussion and dreaming, we decided to give Texas up, as well as our jobs, and move to the midwest to be near our grandchildren- time was a gift and we had to be a part of that very special gift, those grand babies.

The 50’s were fantastic and while making the best of it, we also decided to open a bed & breakfast.  (Another dream of mine.). Up to the day I turned 60—- I LOVED every minute of being in my fifties.


On February 15th I turned the BIG 60!  I was almost giddy thinking of how blessed I’ve been to be able to still be here.  I guess that’s what happens when you think that your life will be cut short.  You take advantage of every day you are able to wake up, get dressed and face the world.  My husband still thinks I’m nuts for thinking I’d be gone at 40 but hey—

I’m here, I’m present, I am thankful for each new day and especially for seeing grandchildren in my life, my kids grow into adults and that Boo and I are really growing old together.  If those aren’t blessings enough, I can tell you that I wouldn’t trade ANY of it.

I still have dreams and goals and we shall see how long I will be here to realize them.  If not, I’ve been given more than I ever thought.  For now, I will not waste time, I will do what I want, I will make people around me happy.  I will cherish every breath I take.  And for you young ones—when you hear older people say that getting old sucks…NOT TRUE!

Living on borrowed time (turning 60)!!!

I LOVE IT!!!  I love being 60!!!  Here’s to living my friends!

Peace out~