Boo and I traveled to see the kids this 4th of July weekend for some very special moments in their lives.  And we had so much fun!  We loved on our little man, (the newest addition to the family) and we were overjoyed to be spending time with him, his mommy & daddy!  We enjoyed lots of firsts & most important things.


 Including his first 4th of July,


his 1st parade,

parade cutes

his baby blessing,


his first picnic and his first time with so many grandparents!

2 great-grandma’s, (2 missing), & 2 grandma’s
2 grandpa's & 1 great-grandpa
2 grandpa’s & 1 great-grandpa

This little guy is one lucky little man and he sure doesn’t lack love that’s for sure!


I could give him a million kisses and that still wouldn’t be enough!

As I get older and wiser ;), I understand the meaning of the most important things in life.  They’re definitely not possessions, but rather the time I am able to be with my kids and those I love. Witnessing my kids accomplishments and happiness and being able to be a part of it, well…those are my most valuable treasures, and I am beyond blessed to be able to be a part of such.

It’s up to each of us to figure out what we value in life.  And only you can define what means what to you.  But my wish is that you find life more valuable each passing day- and that it may be because of time spent with those you love.  Life is too darn short!


I hope you had as wonderful a 4th of July as I did~

“The most important things in life AREN’T things.” anthony deangelo


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