Ladies!  Do you L♥VE to dress up as much as I do?  It’s something that at my age, I really-really still enjoy.  I hope that never changes.  My thought is that I love color, texture, and looking good.  I might not have anywhere to go, like this past Saturday.  I was in the bathroom getting spiffed up and my husband asks, “am I missing something, were we doing something”?  Guys, there’s literally not a lot to do in a small country town!   Should a girl stop looking good, if that’s the case?  We ended up going to the grocery store and to a show, which I was glad we finally did as my son’s friends are in the movie (PitchPerfect3).  My point is that I hope I will always care about how I look.

To me, dressing up has the power to make me feel better, have more confidence, and change my mood.  What’s to not love about that?  There’s  those doldrum days that I want nothing more than to just stay inside and work on posts, branding, or watch a good movie.  Meaning no makeup, no hair curling, no dressing up other than leggings, a sweatshirt and Uggs.

But I truly love going into my closet and putting pieces together and then that outfit having the power to change my mood.  Just like that!  With that, here are some of the outfits I put together for the week, whether I have somewhere to go or not.

love color, texture, and looking good-pin

Here’s some fun outfits I put together and they’re perfect for winter wear!  We all have those days when we don’t know what to wear or better, what colors to combine.  I wore these outfits with jeans or jeggings (which I love btw)!  I’ve put some options below that pair perfectly with any of these outfits!

I love color, texture, and looking good.

Hope you find these helpful, inspiring, & fun!

love color, texture, and looking good-leopard

love color, texture, and looking good-baubles

love color, texture, and looking good-giddy-up

love color, texture, and looking good-poncho

love color, texture, and looking good-lady-in-red

Bottoms Up!

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