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I can’t help it, I’m a romantic at HEART!  Valentine’s day and all it’s sweetness just always gets me…love is in the air!

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I’ve always enjoyed planning a special meal for him and I.  Then we get to quietly enjoy a romantic flick.  That’s when I usually give him his Valentine’s day gift. Usually a movie he’s been wanting, his favorite candy and drink.  I usually get a special treat or flowers.  It’s been our tradition for over 35 years.  And if you think that something as little as this doesn’t help keep the home fires burning…you’re wrong.

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YES it takes a lot of hard work to have a happy marriage but taking the time to do special things for one another is definitely a PLUS (especially throughout the year and on Valentine’s day).  But doing spontaneous kindnesses let’s your special someone know how much you care and that is never a small thing.

I made these little Valentine’s Day gift tags for you to print, cut and add to the cute treat you could get for a neighbor, your loved one, or honey.

l♥ve is in the air

l♥ve is in the air-printable

l♥ve is in the air-tags

Click HERE for the free template, you get both tag styles on one sheet.

Now all you’re missing is you buying or making that sweet treat for your loved one and you’re good to go!   You can bake some brownies and put in a clear cello bag, put their favorite candy in a mason jar & add tag.  Whatever!  Get creative!

I plan on getting out my little heart cupcake pan and making something delicious for my loves!  How do you celebrate your special ♥ day?

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