So Valentine’s day is approaching .  What do you do to celebrate with your significant other?  For all you choco-lovers, impress ’em with a tried n true! Love me to death with a decadent chocolate dessert… to please-mark my words.

♥Death by Chocolate♥

but first a little background sharin’…

100 years ago (or so it seems), the besties and I were very involved with our kids PTO program at their school.  (It’s how we actually met), but during that time, the PTO decided to do a cookbook as a fundraiser.


All of us being the “kitchen queens” that we are, contributed some of our favorite recipes.  One being “death by chocolate” by my friend Laura.

I’ve been making this one for years and wherever I take it, it’s devoured and rightfully so.  I’ve told you I’m not a chocolate lover, but this recipe, (even though) it has double the chocolate, I guess cause of the balance between the mousse/whip topping, it just creates this very light and tasty mouthful.  (I seem to enjoy a small portion of it each time-it just doesn’t seem to be that chocolaty to me), but it’s delicious!  I always come home with an empty trifle bowl. ALWAYS!

So make this for your special someone—they’ll ♥ you even more!

love me to death
NOTES:  you can see where I’ve penciled in my own personal adjustments to the recipe and instead of the Skor bars, I use crushed Heath bars.  Either way it’s fab!

How does Gully Creek Cottage celebrate Valentine’s day?


My honey and I will celebrate 34 years next month.  And although we’ve been together that long, we never stop doing little things for one another, (a big part of a lasting relationship if you ask me), nor do we forget to celebrate Valentine’s day together. (You shouldn’t either!) The norm around here is a special dinner at home along with a little box or basket treat for him with his favorite candy or soft drink and a new flick for his “action movie” collection.  He usually gets me flowers or something wonderfully thoughtful.  It never has to be anything spectacular, just an acknowledgement or an extra special thought.  It goes a long way!

Now go be a sweetheart & treat your lovey with this decadent treat~

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