I tend to moan a little when my Sweet girl asks me to make a “lush run” for her, but in all honesty, it’s a welcomed request.  It gives me an excuse…if you know what I mean… LUSH, looking & smelling great won’t be a problem or an inconvenience!

I’d be lying if I said that we moved to the Austin area based on the fact that there is a LUSH store within a 15 mile radius from me.  But was I excited when I learned a few months ago that there is a location in Austin?!?!LUSH, looking & smelling great

I’ve posted about my daughter and I’s love affair with LUSH since discovering it back about 10 years ago in Houston.  If you’ve never heard or tried it, then you must start by reading what they’re all about in their story section.

Wearing my “too cute” maxi that I found during a rare in-store purchase.  It’s a t-shirt fabric dress with a white bodice and gray striped skirt and I paired it up with a coral cami and silver accessories and sandals.  (Since this Latina is a little on the short side, I did have to take up the shoulders for a better fit.  Other than that—comfy & great look!)

LUSH, looking & smelling great-attire
It became Tuesday “LUSH” run… so I headed out into this beautiful day!

LUSH, looking & smelling great-austin

(Austin parking is the worst), feeling like I just won the lottery when I found a spot right in front of the store!  The store was pretty sparse and so the attendant was super attentive and helpful.  (Well, I’ve actually never been in a store when they haven’t been!)  But she helped (or hindered) when she told me that my fave product now comes in perfume & lotion form!  YIKES!!!
Karma is a terrific combo of patchouli (I ♥), lemongrass, and awesomeness and up until today I have just used it in my hair.  This little shampoo nugget!


It makes my hair smell terrific.  Now with the perfume…well, I just wanted to lick myself.  Seriously!  Is it wrong to keep wanting to smell oneself?  Cause that’s what I kept doing.  It’s like crack!  I can’t stop.


The bath bombs are seriously–SERIOUS!  Almost everyone of them is indescribably-wonderful smelling!

and this…

LUSH, looking & smelling great-lush-products
and this…

But this is what I came home with along with S’s order.

LUSH, looking & smelling great- Collage

Serious LUSH customer?  Ugh YEAH!!!  But on an upfront recommendation…this is one of my favorite stores because of what they stand for, believe in and the products that they sell.

Go lick look for yourself!

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