Making Time For A Fun Project-drawers

In my previous post I mentioned moving and buying a new place. That place is a beautiful 100 year old home and we have certainly been busy! So busy that both Boo and I have been so sore and aching from making countless trips up and down the stairs, carrying and hauling, painting and patching. My mind is always running rampant and when I see something that needs new life or repurposing, I’m all over that. I’m making time for a fun project- even though I have 100 other things I could be working on.  But I’m excited to share it.

Making Time For A Fun Project-project

This project is a nightstand that needed some upgrading so it could go with my decor in one of the bedrooms at the Peppermill B&B.  It had a few scuff marks and scratches on it as well, certainly dated and was just in need of some brightening up.

Making Time For A Fun Project-original

If you read here often, you know I’m a huge fan of chalk paint and that is exactly what I used for this nightstand.  I bought a small paint sample in cream from Lowe’s and then mixed my own ingredients to make the chalk paint.  If you’ve never used chalk paint, I’m telling you, you’ll love painting furniture pieces.  It’s a game changer!

Making Time For A Fun Project-paper

With this project I decided to add a fun touch by decoupaging some vintage looking scrapbook paper to the outsides of each drawer.

Making Time For A Fun Project-decoupage

Here’s the deal though.  Know how I love living in a small country town?  Well there are things I miss.  Like having a Hobby Lobby and Lowe’s around the corner (okay, I miss tacos too)!  But I believe when you don’t have things readily available it gives us an opportunity to be resourceful.  I couldn’t find my Mod Podge so I made my own.

Making Time For A Fun Project-glue

If you mix equal parts of Elmers glue and water, voila!  Homemade mod podge at a HUGE savings!!! Did you know that?  This brown Kraft paper sheets were fun and easy to apply giving my drawers a pretty new look!

Making Time For A Fun Project-drawers

Making Time For A Fun Project-inside

Making Time For A Fun Project-side

Making Time For A Fun Project-fun

Cute huh?  Guys I’ve got to get back to my unpacking, decorating and brightening things around here!  But did I mention that I love things that make my life easier?  Like the Elmer’s glue for decoupaging and homemade chalk paint.  Well add to that, these meat rakes that Cave Tools sent me for free in exchange for a review.

Making Time For A Fun Project-meat

Holy geezers!  These forks are sturdy, heavy and perfect for shredding meats!  As you can see I cooked up some chicken in the crock pot (while I unpacked) to make chicken enchiladas for dinner one night and these Cave Tool rakes just saved me about 10 minutes of shredding.  Done in no time!  Love love love! Next trial is on brisket cause I’ve been craving it!  If you want to try out these great meat rakes, you can purchase HERE and use this code: MEATCLAW15 for a 15% discount.

Until next time guys~ peace out.

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