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Oh to have beautiful long lashes like Clare Bowen!  I don’t know if hers are natural or extensions—but, I love that they look amazingly natural all the time.  Here’s my bit on my mascara 101 post and my findings for the perfect mascara that doesn’t have to cost a fortune.


Every now and then I talk myself into trying something new for the sake of change— (you never know when you might be missing out on the next best thing).  When I really-really like something, I tend to stick to that! So my quest the last few weeks has been trying out different mascaras. I did a little chart to show you what I have learned in regards to wand performance and getting the best for a good price.  Because, regardless to popular belief- just cause you’re paying $30 for mascara doesn’t make it the best.  Trust me!

Why did I do this?  Mainly, so you can avoid the “Clumpy- what the heck-lash look” you might have going on.  Hence being shunned by your g-friends for standing out due to bad lashes!  That’s never a good thing.  And, who wants to be shunned?  But I wanted you to know the importance of the wand and it’s significance in great lashes!

mascara 101-favorites

#1 the FINE WAND really helps define and separate lashes, but mainly it helps extend the length with great precision because of it’s microscopic bristles. I personally don’t like my lashes clumping together and this wand does a fantastic job of separating and extending!

#2 the CURVED WAND is made to cover all your lashes, (so to speak) because of the curvature and natural shape of ones lashes.  The bristles aren’t too close together, helping avoid the clumpy-ness and it gives great coverage without the fuss.

#3 the FULL WAND gives lots of coverage quickly, tends to clump and lay it on heavily.  It’s not meant to separate and extend, rather to add fullness.

If someone had done the mascara homework for me, I would love ’em forever!  We shouldn’t settle for a product that we aren’t fully happy with, take it back if that’s the case!

My reviews are based on wand, performance and price…hope it helps you.

Mascara 101

mascara 101 (beautiful lashes) | Gully -maybeline

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, Maybelline’s Great Lash!!!  I have used this for years and it continues to impress me!  It’s got great consistency, the curved wand, it separates and extends.  I also love that it washes off with great ease and it’s under $6!  Can’t beat it for great coverage!

mascara 101 -loreal

My second fave is L’Oreal’s Telescopic with the fine wand! If I’m in a hurry, this is my go-to.  Mainly because I know I don’t have to fuss on making sure my lashes will separate evenly.  You will get longer lashes but they don’t look clumpy AT ALL!  Price – not too bad, under $12.

mascara 101-revlon

#3  I put here only to make the wand comparison.  If you don’t have many lashes, then this would be the style of wand you need.  The full wand helps in giving you fullness.  I have lashes so I just want to define and extend ’em but I bought this Revlon one to give it a go and was not impressed.  The brush was way too full for my liking, it didn’t separate at all and I spent way too much time trying to perfect the look I was after.  Cost under $9.

Well, there you are!  I hope this will help you decide in case you’ve been ridin’ the fence on what kind you should try.  If you have a brand you love–share it with me!

I would love to hear what product you use and why.  If you have connections with the mascara Gods—-I’d be happy to try others, (even the $30 ones).  If I like something,  I   R E A L L Y  like it, so I would seriously give you great feedback. Hope you know more than you ever wanted to on mascaras now!

Toodles!  The hubster and I are off for a quick RR, so no posts for the weekend!  Get yourself beautiful, define those lashes and avoid the shunning ladies~

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