FEBRUARY 19th has arrived ~  Forever Fierce Day!  The global celebration of women at midlife.  Celebrating the vitality, power and wisdom of the midlife woman.  The topic on this beautiful FIERCE day is, what does it mean to be fierce at midlife.♥

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Beautiful right?  You know growing up, I looked up to older women and sized ’em up for inspiration and wondered what I would be like when I grew up.  Cause more than not, most of us grow up emulating the norm, right?  In my experience and totally my opinion, I would notice how older women dressed, acted, and presented themselves, but more importantly how they handled certain situations.  Preferring to silently observe, listen and take it all in before opening my mouth. Playing out scenarios in my mind (ask my daughter), is something I’ve done all my life. You just never know!  I’ve never gone with the flow and choose to beat to my own drum and certainly not be a follower.  Not in a rebel sense, (maybe?), but more because I like to make my own way.

I grew up in South Texas, in a predominant Hispanic area, and a Latina.   Meaning TRADITION is important and very much the norm.  It certainly wasn’t the norm in the late 70’s and early 80’s for Latinas to go into a predominantly male career field.  Even though my dad told me not to go to school for architectural drafting, I did.  For two reasons, my love of architecture and because I had to show him that I could.  I was one of two girls to graduate in that field. I was the first draftswoman to work in any architectural business in the Valley at the time.

Later in life, and pregnant with my second child, I insisted that my doctor help me to deliver naturally.  My first born was a C-section baby.  As I approached my due date, my mom was really starting to worry that something might go wrong.  She told me to just go in and have another C-section.  That’s all I needed to push me to want a natural delivery even more.  In 1985 it was highly unheard of that you could give birth naturally after a C-section.  (Pretty common place now but back then it wasn’t.)  My daughter was born naturally, without any difficutly!  My life has been a lot of that…”Belle’s gonna do it her way”!  And sometimes it’s worked and others it hasn’t.  You take the good with the bad- that’s life.  Most times, I was my worst critic in life.


Fast forward to 2018

I turned 59 this month.  It’s so hard for me to believe that but I’m embracing it, wholeheartedly.

By the grace of GOD, I’ve reached this amazing point in my life that I realize that life is not a competition.  It’s not about comparing yourself to other women.  Definitely not to emulate in appearance, behavior, or mannerism.

To learn from women who are wonderful examples of grace and humility–ABSOLUTELY!  To be FIERCE?  Absolutely!  It is truly a blessing to wake up each day and I am beyond thankful for everything and everyone in my life.  Spiritually, mentally, & physically.  My understanding in life is in recognizing that the small things are really the BIG things.  Moments such as watching your kids become beautiful adults, growing old with the love of your life, sharing your wisdom and love for life with those around you.  More importantly, sharing with the younger generation. They are in need of our wisdom, confidence, guidance, and protection in this crazy world.

I’ve learned not take my life for granted, and that life is meant to be lived doing what you love and loving what you choose.  Who cares if you’re your worst critic?!

It’s beyond OKAY to be YOU!!!  Jump on a trampoline or puddles when the time comes (even at 59).  Don’t worry about who’s watching, whether you’ll get dirty, or worse.  Life is at times dirty but it’s a beautiful ride.

Be a role model, an inspiration, and share life’s beauty by way of a listening ear, a shoulder, and being a blessing to others.  This is what it means to me to be FIERCE at MIDLIFE and it’s a beautiful thing!

I’m Belle, I’m 59, my life is full and at times I feel that I’m just getting started.

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Most of us have had beautifully fierce women in our lives that have helped us through our journey.  Giving credit where credit is due!  Mine came in the form of my Momma, Mother-in-law, grandmother, sisters, besties, church family, neighbors, my daughter and nieces.  THANK YOU for being so inspiring♥

Read what two beautiful FIERCE women in my life have to say!

What does it mean to be FIERCE at midlife

LISA  (60)  Giddings, Texas

To me “fierce” means unrelenting and steadfast.  Fierce in my commitment to my husband, children and family that they see and know me as not only a Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Sister or Friend but that they also see and know me as a person in my own right.  To know me, not as a perfect person, but one that tries to better myself in some way. Wanting them to see me fiercely stand up for my beliefs and values while respecting others who have a difference of opinion. To be fierce means to be strong enough to stand but flexible enough to allow others to be themselves around me. Being fierce doesn’t mean overbearing, controlling or stubborn but confident, capable and self-assured. Being fierce can be an asset to one’s character when used in the right context and with the right motives.

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KATIE (58) Rockwall, Texas

I love the LORD with a greater passion than ever before. I love my family better than ever, and I enjoy the little things in life.

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