On a recent trip a few months ago, I found this nice- big mirror mirror at my favorite antique store.  This Mirror…is huge, it’s heavy and it’s old!  I loved it but I also loved the price, especially when I asked for a better price.  My niece moved into her own place a few months ago and I remember her sifting thru a catalog and pointing out how much she wanted a large -cool mirror for her place.  Well…

mirror mirror

ended up buying it and hauling it home to get it cleaned up, painted and looking pretty perky!  (In all honestly I was pretty freaked that during the 13 hour drive home, somehow it would crash into a million pieces.) Thank God it didn’t!  I’d have been heartbroken!

I started with removing the backing on it because it was brittle and had some water damage (as you can see),

mirror mirror

I found this little dead beetle bug—kinda vintage,


cause I’m assuming she’s been trapped in there a long-long time. Anyhow, finally got it cleaned off and repaired and painted.  Here are some closeups


I chose a sunflower yellow to go with her decor and highlighted some areas with antique medium!

mirror mirror

Can’t wait to get her hung up, once we do – I will post a better picture.  I hope Jacq loves her house-warming gift as much as I do–or it’s coming back home with me 😉


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