Like what you see?  Do you want your children or grandchildren to be able to see, appreciate, and enjoy pristine land like this?  Then you need to stand up and inform yourselves.  Because there are these two very filthy rich billionaire, businessmen who are he’ll bent on destroying this beautiful place.  So get informed, cause we don’t want no trans-Pecos pipeline destroying our country!

No Trans-Pecos Pipeline No Trans-Pecos Pipeline

They want to run a pipeline from Mexico all the way through this beautiful Texas land, all for the sake of lining their pockets even more.  In the process they will not only ruin this picturesque, untouched land but they are intimidating ranchers in the area to cave in and hand over their property for very little money, in order to fulfill their wicked agenda.

And do you have to be a Texan to be worried about this?  No!!!  Chances are if they continue to allow this type of land acquisition here, it will surely be knocking on your back door down the road if you sit back and do nothing.

HOW CAN YOU HELP????  You can sign the petition HERE and you can get informed.  If there are events taking place in your area, like this one in AUSTIN, TEXAS this month…

no trans- pecos pipeline

GO and see how you can help or support them monetarily so they can continue to fight this fight!

Join the mailing list or follow along at the BIG BEND CONSERVATION ALLIANCE to see what YOU can do to help.

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Of course like with any undertaking of this type, you have to know someone who will help you accomplish something of this magnitude.  So who’s helping with this project?  None other than Texas governor Rick Perry who serves on the board of the Texas based Energy Transfer Partners. Perry has received at least $250,000 in campaign donations from Warren, (Kelcy Warren/Dallas multibillionaire), since 2011.  The two energy companies, Mexico-based Carso and Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, won the contract to construct the pipeline in January. Carso is owned by Carlos Slim, the world’s second-richest man, who made his original fortune by charging Mexico’s phone customers monopoly prices, while levying some of the highest fees disproportionately on the poor.

Here are some of the current pipelines running through the US and owned by ETP.  They won’t be stopping anytime soon guys.


It’s a political game being played by these two men who’s only agenda is to get richer.  THAT’S IT!!!  BUT, at our land, farmers and natural resources expense.  I don’t know about you but I’m sick and tired of scumbags like these exploiting everything in their paths just to help themselves become filthier and dirtier!

No Trans-Pecos Pipeline

SIGN THE PETITION, get involvedand LET YOUR VOICE BE HEARD.  For the love of our kids and our land!


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