Can you tell I ♥ clock’s?  There’s something about ’em that I am just drawn to.  Perhaps it’s the reminder that no matter who you are, or what you’re doing at any given time, they signify that time keeps on ticking -it doesn’t even matter what part of the world you’re in…time doesn’t stand still.   Now is the only time you own.  We can’t grasp it or touch it but we know it’s taking place.  It’s a beautiful thing!


My nephew recently came to visit and when we sat down for dinner he said, “tia, you must really like clocks huh?”  I laughed a little cause I know I have quite the collection but yes, I do love clocks and it’s awesome that he would notice that.

Well if you read here often, you know that I am always thinking and planning my next project.  So for sometime now, I have wanted to make a big  GIANT clock for my mantle. But, only after I couldn’t find just the right one that I wanted and/or the one to fit my budget.  The first thing I always think is… can I make it?  Well, guess what?

While I was drawing out and planning the spec for my GIANT clock, I had thought of using old fencing and planking ’em together.  Then I thought I could use new 2×4’s, nah!  Then and idea came to me…an old cable spool!  It would be perfect because of the sizes they come in, and they’re already planked together and have the rustic charm I’m going after. 

So I found someone willing to sell me one for cheap and a 48″ one.  ROAD TRIP!  I talked hubby into going with me,  (meaning him driving and taking his truck), me sitting back!  So a jaunt northwest!!!

spool search

On to taking the spool apart, wiped it down, and letting it sit for awhile to acclimate.  Had hubs help with ordering the right size of clock works and he even found the rustic iron numbers.  Then on to putting it together.

NOW is the only time you own-making

NOW is the only time you own-numbers


NOW is the only time you own-clock

NOW is the only time you own-after

What do you think?  I absolutely LOVE it!  I’ve even named it our “Sean” clock- after my nephew who spotted my ♥ of clocks!  Best part, I made it for not even a portion of what I’ve seen some in the stores for and it will last forever!

A side note…one of my  favorite poems that sums up a bit of my love for ’em.

clock poem

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