An office facelift– some redecorating and remember these?

Office facelift

from my previous post here?  And, how I turned ’em into this?

Office facelift

Well when I bought those, I also got three of these square plaques.

Office facelift

I don’t know what they were originally used for or what purpose they served.  They’re made of the same material (resin) and I wasn’t sure what I would do with them.  That is until I was thinking of what to place on my wall in my new office and I needed wall decor for my facelift appeal.  I reached into my pile of “future projects” & pulled two of them out and started to paint…


Took me all of an hour just about.  I base coated them with a parchment white and added aqua and brown touches.


I then antiqued some of the edges and voila!



I anchored them on each side of my awesome clock and added a small quote plaque in the center.


Gotta admit my space is looking pretty sweet and inviting, now if I only had time to paint the walls!  They would surely “pop”!  In the meantime, I’ll enjoy the warmth and coziness of it all.

Hope you’ve had a blessed weekend.  This week if time allows I will be posting a review on a cool little gadget to make meals more appealing and creative and much more, so stay tuned.  Until then, ciao~


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