A one hour face lift… well, not really what you think this is!

One hour face lift-canvas

Here’s a VERY simple re-purposed project that was completed in less than an hour!

This summer while cleaning out a closet at our office, I found this “LOL” piece. On a nice sturdy, wooden background.

One hour face lift-lol

Don’t know if it was originally this faded or not but when the new office occupant arrived, she was in desperate need of some wall artwork.  Instead of tossing this in the trash or taking it to Goodwill, I decided it to give it a face lift.

After very little elbow grease, a little primer, I painted the background a pure white.  Followed by taping off some sections to do some “ombre” painting.

Once dry, the over sized wooden  “V” was glued down and the project was done!  In less than an hour, we had ourselves a brand new piece of artwork!

One hour face lift

It goes perfect with the freshly painted blue accent wall in the office!One hour face lift-collage

So here’s to thinking twice before discarding an old piece—think of ways you can re-purpose a piece before tossing it out!


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