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“Bok bok”… is what I hear coming from my garage as I sat finishing up my “to-do” list. The dog begins to bark cause she doesn’t know what’s happening and we don’t live on a farm.  That was my Sunday morning.  It all started the day before, Saturday.  Ted (sold us our home), stopped by and dropped off these 4 dozen of wonderful, fresh, farm eggs from the chickens he raises.  Gotta love organic farming and farmers around this area!

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Ted had heard that our son was wanting some chickens.  (My son had already built a chicken coop out at his place.) Ted offered to give him some, hence, the chickens in my garage.  Three chickens and one rooster later…I became the carrier, the mule, the chicken coyote.  This city girl was extremely apprehensive in making this delivery, I imagined every worst case scenario. Luckily there were no incidents, they arrived safely, and they settled in immediately.  So much that by the next day, we get a text and pic from J.  Pretty sure he was very egg-cited about having eggs so soon, I sure was!

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Don’t you hate that we take for granted where our food comes from?  That’s what I started to think of when I saw those beautiful eggs sitting on my counter.

Austinites, the mecca of organic farming (in my opinion), don’t, and, I LOVE that! What I also love is that these farmers are so willing to inform us on what we should be putting into our bodies, the effects and the benefits of what and why they do this.   Being a curious critter, I wanted to get an idea of how many organic farms there are in the area.  A LOT!  One of my goals now is to visit each one and share their awesomeness here @ GCC.

Farming is no easy job, even I know that.  So I admire anyone who has the determination and love to do that and we get to enjoy that labor of love.  It’s the way we should ALL be eating.  Not the plastic produce in stores, the chemical induced, boxed or bagged hazardous waste that they sell.  Plus, I wish to do my part in supporting their efforts.  I will be an organic-buying-crazy-Latina-woman from now on (period).


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What a charming, quaint and fabulous place this is!  When I first got there, I missed the entrance.  It’s unassuming, hidden, tucked away and located right in the middle of a neighborhood.  (Already in ♥!)
organic farmer-boggy-creek
As I walked to the barn where the goods are sold, I could see that the early birds had beaten me to lots of the good stuff–cause it was gone.  I purchased some items and I was told I could walk around the premises and enjoy the place (I just had to stay off the tractors).  Which I obliged…lol!
Aside from the chickens and birds making their presence known, it was peaceful.  There were some ladies that were picking the fresh produce and flowers that were ready to harvest, but they quietly worked away. I found myself wishing I had a blanket and a sack lunch to enjoy under the big pecan and oak trees.  Dang it!
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Repeat visits? YES! my alarm will be set to go off a little earlier!  This place is a gem and I hope they continue to prosper from their labor.  Next time I will take a sack lunch and dine in the green fields surrounded by the oaks and sunflowers! (They just might have to run me off!) 

But here’s a few tips for your visit:

  • Get there early!
  • Take the time to walk thru the premises
  • Buy BUY buy and indulge in their fresh, crisp, organic goods!
  • It’s a lovely trip for children as well but DON’T bring your dog. (One thing I don’t understand… I ♥ my dog, but she doesn’t go public-literally! Why do people feel the need to take their dogs everywhere these days?  Attention getter I think!)  Oops, I need to step away…one of my pet peeves (no pun intended).
Click on the link above if you would like more info on the farm.  You’ll want to go visit.

Organic Farming

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Support your local farmers.  I’m off to get an egg report~
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