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Here we are… getting ready to celebrate 2 years since we packed up and moved ourselves to the Midwest.  Can you believe it’s been two years?  Cause I can’t.  Having moved 3 times in the last twelve years and packing along this road, this journey, I’ve discovered this.  So let me share.

It’s not how much you start to hate cardboard boxes, the sound the packaging tape dispenser makes, the endless stacks of custom box labels scattered throughout, or that funky cardboard fragrance that wafts in the air.  It’s about new beginnings.  New ventures.  New blessings that can be.

Moving is hard work.  But not as hard as leaving family and friends. That’s the hard stuff.  It’s nice to be flexible and adjust easily to change when you’re facing the reality of an entirely different change of pace.  For me that meant, everything I’ve ever known.  Like a busy lifestyle, traffic jams, crowded stores, hour long waits to your favorite restaurants, long lines for the latest movie release, and so on. Missing a Hobby Lobby and hardware store right down the street has been hard. Not getting to see family and friends as often as I was accustomed, is difficult and the hardest.

But let’s talk about the trade off’s.  Being able to see the grandsons whenever I want—priceless.  Hanging out and teaching them to make pickles or jam or just jam to rock & roll or George Strait—-priceless. Getting to run a bed and breakfast —- priceless.  Having my daughter & son-in-law over for Sunday dinner—-priceless.  No traffic jams or crowded stores are also a plus!

Packing along this road

(Life is what you make it!)

I catch myself often reflecting on what my life’s journey has been and how blessed I have been.  However, I also want to say that the journey that has brought me here has been filled with hard work, determination, and at times frustration & discouragement.

packing along the road-gcc-door

Know, that when one door closes… 

packing along the road-gcc-open

Another one, certainly opens!

I believe that if you put something out there in the universe and you believe it, that it will come to you.  So send it on up sister!!!

If you’ve struggled with anything, believe that there is a way out and make it happen.  We all have our story, some baggage we’ve been hauling along on this road trip. 

In each of us is the power to succeed and persevere.  Wish away, dream those dreams, believe in YOU.  

Know that YOU can change the life you are in if you are unhappy or just want a better life.  Work hard to make it happen.  But believe that it can change.

A final point.  Don’t wait until things are better to be a blessing to others.  Do something wonderful for someone.  Big or small doesn’t matter, it will make a difference to them and a whole lot of difference for YOU as well.

Reap and enjoy the blessings that come to you but share those blessings with others.  Especially with those who might only cross your path once.  Have you ever done something wonderful for a stranger, without them knowing it?  It’s the best feeling ever!  

Be a blessing to others.

When you’re packing along this road….surround yourself with people that will support you, lift you up, and believe in you as well. And for the love, don’t take life so seriously!  Have fun!!!  I’m 60, I’m crazy, but I love life & little things like this cute little bag  makes me happy! 

(“we received a free product in exchange for our honest review.”)

packing along this road-gcc-bag

Send it up there.  Love YOU, live YOU  and make your road trip in this life—-awesome ❤︎


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