pepper penzey frenzy-crate

Know how I love old things?   Well here’s one…Wooden soda crates!  We have several and I use them for decorating.  My favorites…the Dr. Pepper ones! They just scream T E X A S!  The other day, I caught a glimpse of the yellow one stacked in the garage.

pepper penzey frenzy-rack-organizer

I pulled it out, dusted it off, and carried it into the kitchen.  When I placed it on the counter-top and was searching for what I could fill the spaces with, I went around the kitchen looking for inspiration and then walked into my pantry and saw my Penzey spice collection. PEPPER PENZEY FRENZY!!!

pepper penzey frenzy-crates
I have the small and the large variety and they were perfect to showcase in those little cubbies!

The SPICE frenzy happened!
spices2x spicesx spicx

pepper penzey frenzy-spice-rack

I just love the way it looks!  I keep making excuses to go in the kitchen to prepare or grab something just so I can covet it!  I’m sure you’ve noticed the one little empty spot, right?  That’s for the cumin, I’m all out, and that’s a major spice in the GCC kitchen!  A trip to Penzey’s is in the very near future obviously.

Other uses:

xmas dpx

  • As a caddy to hold silverware and napkins for gatherings and parties
  • Mounted on a wall for a shelf display

They’re quite useful and functional to have around.  So if you’re out and about and come across some of these, grab one (or 2), and just let your juices flow and inspire you~

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