perfect porch light-redo

perfect porch light-basic

Your standard builder edition – front porch light right here.  These are typical in new home construction.  But don’t you want something that makes a statement?  Let’s envision a brighter, more appealing light for the front porch.  Like the perfect porch light.

I headed out to some antique places to find a replacement, AND guys- I will always rather recycle and repurpose vs buying a spanking brand new one.  Sometimes it can be a lengthy task (as was the case here), but that’s okay. A few weeks ago while antiquing, I found this fabulous little shop that had way too many items for my eyes to focus on, (sensory overload), so I headed to the porch area where I dug around the sale items and VOILA! Found it!  The perfect porch light  I’d been looking for & at a price I ♥ LOVED ♥ even more!!!

I get so excited when I score on things like this…I could jump up n down!

perfect porch light-old

Precious right?

What I did~

1st off… wiped & cleaned it up, then gathered the supplies needed, and started turning it pretty!

perfect porch light-collage

We didn’t need as long a drop—so, I did some wire cutting & removal of extra chain links to shorten it!

perfect porch light-cord


Two coats of a glossy black paint, some random gold antiquing rubbed in sporadic areas and we’ve got ourselves a great new looking light!

perfect porch light-repainted

perfect porch light-bronzing


Then to talk Mr. GCC to install it for me.  Which he did.

Side note—I promised him that he will never have to hang another chandy-style light fixture again.  He hates the cumbersomeness of it all.  Let’s hope I can keep that promise! YIKES ;0

He’s just so stinkin’ handy — I mean check out his tool belt.  Or rather…his tool britches.

tool manx

No judging! LOL!!!


**If you aren’t experienced with wiring you should really get a professional to do this part!  My handyman rocks it!

Now look at the patterns projected from the reflection, aren’t they pretty?  And what about the new light?


I couldn’t find an exact style, although this one’s pretty similar to the size and type but check out the price. I got mine for $32!


Final view…


So—-what do you think?


“Don’t settle for plain and common when you can add your own touch of charm.”  That’s my take on ordinary.


Look around and envision more than what’s there.  You’ll be amazed at the changes we can all make and the best part, it doesn’t have to be crazy expensive~

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