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Pillow talk = best nights sleep

pillow talk = best nights sleep-gullycreekcottage-rest

Let’s talk about a good nights sleep, let’s talk about pillows.  I can start by telling you that everyone I ever tell about my sleeping habits is envious.  Especially if they have never experienced a good nights sleep, they have sleepless nights, or restless nights. Truth be told, I am very fortunate in that area.  Teasing my husband who more often than not has sleepless nights, I like to tell him that it’s because I am at peace with the world.  I kid – but I don’t.

You see, I love sleep.

As soon as my head touches the pillow and I close my eyes…1, 2, 3, 4 and I’m out. Just like that!  It’s important for me to start my prayers early in the morning or when I wind down in the evening and definitely before I climb into bed.  Otherwise, lights go out and so does my brain. 

I don’t know why I am blessed with this awesome sleeping pattern and others aren’t.  All I know is that I require three things:  

1) a fabulous pillow

2) to be cool

3) the darker the room the better

pillow talk = best nights sleep

The past 15 years or so, since contour foam pillows became popular.  I invested in those.  It seemed to get me to a different level of sleep.  No regular pillows for me! I love so much about contoured pillows…until now.

It seriously all changed when I was asked to do a review on the most amazing pillow ever created.

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This pillow that stays cold all night had me from the first moment I cradled it in my arms!

pillow talk = best nights sleep-gullycreekcottage-hug

It has this cool to the touch—ooh la la that you don’t want to let go of!  You won’t be flipping, tossing, or readjusting your pillow throughout the night.  No need to do anything other than hit the snooze and dream those dreams!

pillow talk = best nights sleep-gullycreekcottage-soft

Seriously when you put your head on this pillow, you will LOVE the cool effect.  The magic is that it remains cool the entire night!  Your face will love it, your head will love it, YOU will love it!

pillow talk = best nights sleep-gullycreekcottage-best

Your grandson will love it so much that you’ll have to keep chasing after him when he runs off with it!  On every visit…this is what I have to do!

pillow talk = best nights sleep-gullycreekcottage-kid

My husband said this after the 2nd night I used it. 

“I’m not saying it’s the pillow but…you haven’t snored or made any noises in your sleep like you typically do, since using it.”

I’m not agreeing with him, that I snore….lol

Each GhostPillow includes:

A 101-Night Sleep Trial
Free Shipping
A 5 year warranty

You can just take my word for it but if you want a terrific nights sleep–this should be your first move!  Head over to Ghost headquarters for your very own piece of heaven!

pillow talk=best nights sleep-gullycreekcottage-order

I’m not going anywhere or sleeping without this perfect pillow!  I love sleeping but more than that I like to be comfortable while I sleep and this ghost pillow just up-ed my game!  Be envious or just get your own! 

I LOVE this pillow!!!❤︎

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