Hey guys!  Here’s a little continuation from my previous “jean therapy” post.  A little ripped jeans diy tutorial.  They’re the rage and I love “worn” looks on some of my clothing, I just don’t like paying the price when I can achieve the same look for a little effort!

ripped jeans diy

I had bought a pair of jean shorts that are so comfortable that I ended up ordering a second pair a week later but in faded denim.  The only thing I didn’t like about them was they were a little too “blah”!  I decided to take the faded pair and do some distressing on ‘em.  Kinda like what you can already buy, but having paid only $12 for these and the ones in stores with rips in them run anywhere from $25 and up!?  Yeah no!

This is a super easy technique with great results and you can do them in less than 30 minutes.  Can’t beat that!

Ripped jeans diy

What you need:  (besides the jeans or shorts)

  • cutting board
  • sharp knife (or scissors)
  • kitchen grater

Now my friend Nova gave me this cute little bitty hand grater at Valentine’s day and I’ve used it a million times since (well, maybe not a million cause that would mean I’ve spent every waking hour and then some in the kitchen since Feb. 14th!), but a lot!  It’s perfect for distressing!

ripped jeans diy

You can however use whatever grater you have on hand that you will be able to sway back and form to cause the distressing!

First step is slide the board into the jeans area you want to distress.  (I happen to have various ones but this cutting board happens to be very narrow), if you don’t have a narrow cutting board, grab a 1×4!

ripped jeans diy

Any solid hard surface that you don’t mind cutting into and that won’t cut through the opposite side of your jeans. Slide the board into the jeans and then make slashes in them.  I space them about ½” to 1” between each cut.  Now, depending on how large an area you want to cover, I would start with a small section (like one in the video) before going nuts!

ripped jeans diy

Once the slits are done, grab your grater and following the example in the (not so clear) distressing jeans video.

Scrape from left to right until you get the desired look you want.  Don’t worry if it’s not entirely shredded, because after several washes and time, they will become more distressed.

ripped jeans diy

Holy shorts that easy!!!  See, that’s it!

ripped jeans diy

See what you’re paying for now?

You can create the same popular distressed look in your jeans and shorts and save a bundle doing it yourself.  Plus, who doesn’t like shredding a perfectly good pair of anything?

ripped jeans diy

Make your own perfectly, (imperfectly) ripped jeans in no time and save a small fortune! Happy Sunday~

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