What is wrong with this area?

a RUSTIC BAR fit for a Texas girl

Well, to me… it’s that dreaded old, much despised, almond paint color (builders choice of course).  Then there’s an outlet located right there…WHY?  Sheesh, gotta love silly builders!!!  Anyway, other than the silly outlet, there really isn’t anything completely wrong with it but I have visualized updating this area since we moved in.  (Geezers!  It will be a year tomorrow that we closed on our little house.)  So a happy 1 year anniversary project to Gully Creek Cottage!  A RUSTIC BAR fit for a Texas girl!


Here’s my little sketch that I’ve had for this area.  What did I envision?

I ♥♥♥ “living in color”, so color was a definite.  Re-purposed elements.  In this case, antique ceiling tiles for a focal background. Credit…(thanks to my daughter who got these in Iowa for us.)

a RUSTIC BAR fit for a Texas girl

And, of course, wood!


Recycled pallet boards.  Credit: (my sweet man collected pallets from the local builders before they disposed of them).



A Rustic bar fit more for a Texas girl.   Don’t you think?


I started by cutting & sanding my boards to use as the border and the slats for anchoring the tiles and trim onto.  I first base coated them in a brown base color wash, sanded ’em down a bit, then added color washed accents with turquoise and orange tints (to go with my home decor).


*I coated each ceiling tile with clear polyurethane for sealing purposes.

Then onto adding the slats to help mount the tiles and trim onto.


After trimming the tiles & cutting my fingers, (mostly my stupidity & the reason I don’t waste $ on manicures anymore)…


I realized that I wouldn’t use the exposed outlet & I especially didn’t like the way it looked.

See what I mean?  Meet my two bff’s… (Mr. Tomato Can & Ms. Plastic Container).  On projects like these, I sure wish I had more than 2 hands, but call it an innovative mind or Mexican ingenuity…but they helped while I leveled and mounted the final trim pieces.


Adding the last of the trim pieces


WOWZA!  I’m in ♥!!!

a RUSTIC BAR fit for a Texas girl

Tip:  don’t ever  NEVER underestimate the purpose of old things (in this case ceiling tiles & pallets), or the uses of tomato cans, empty plastic containers and good tunes to help you complete your projects with a smile & some good ‘ole gratification~


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