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I find it so hard to believe that 2018 is headed out and we are facing a New Year.  Time doesn’t stand still my friend.  As we are saying goodbye to 2018…

Saying goodbye to 2018-gullycreekcottage-main

Allow me to take a moment and tell you what 2018 was like for me.  I’ll mention that it was one of the best years I’ve had in a very long time.  Actually, I’m blessed and humbly thankful.  I have a wonderful family, husband, life, health, friends and an understanding of what’s really important in life.  Because of all of it, I feel that I have no wants, no complaints, and no regrets.  2018 was full of wonderment, excitement, growth and unexpected dreams coming true.

Saying goodbye to 2018-gullycreekcottage-setting


I never expected that my dream of being a Bed & Breakfast owner would ever come to life…but here we are.  This lady never expected to be living in Iowa, but here I am.  Of course, I miss many things about my home-Texas, but it’s mainly my son.  But I’m comforted in knowing that he too has seen many dreams come true in his musical journey this year. Hard work pays off- always.

saying goodbye to 2018-gullycreekcottage-clocksAfter moving here to be closer to our daughter, son-in-law, and the two cutest little boys ever…we soon realized the magnitude and importance of that move.  Now we get to see our daughter daily and be a part of her world.  We get to see our little boys grow up and be a part of those experiences.  Teaching them some things along the way, seeing life through their young – curious eyes. Getting hugs and kisses whenever we want and just having fun with them—what a blessing with unending benefits that is!!!  We get to pitch in and help the kids whenever they have too many activities or responsibilities on their agenda. Can’t put a price on any of this.

In July we were able to find a beautiful 100 year old home (another dream), and make it our own. It has been a place to welcome so many.  Some have entered our doors to visit, to tour, or to stay the night, but have left as dear friends.  Friends are one of those beautiful – surprise bonuses in life. Something I cherish and am so thankful for.  One can never have too many friends.

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I learned some things about what it really means to grow old with someone.  My Boo and I have spent more time (daily) than we have ever spent in our 38 years together. While it can be challenging at times and we get impatient with one another, it’s beautiful to see what surprises there are in someone you thought you knew everything about.  No one has been more surprised than Boo on what an awesome innkeeper he is.  Something I know he never expected! (I knew he would be awesome at it!) It’s meant the world to me that he was willing to share and support me in this dream and work alongside me.

The other thing that I loved about 2018 was seeing the faith our kids had in us.  When we approached them about our intent on running a B&B they were never hesitant, they supported and encouraged us to do this.  Again, I can’t explain what it meant to me, that they believed in us.

Saying goodbye to 2018

My approach to a New Year (life) is simple.  It’s not what I expect but rather what I expect to “give”.  Whether it be of my time to help a friend, visit someone who needs a visit.  Prepare a meal for a friend, encouraging & supporting someone in need. Unconditional love for others and helping when it’s needed. Do, try, experience and encourage. Life is trial and error.  You won’t always get it right, and that’s okay.   But when you do it’s pleasantly rewarding.  This year was beyond rewarding and I plan to approach 2019 with the same zest for life. Do, try, experience & encourage.

God bless you this coming year and may all your dreams come true.  Thank you for following along and being a part of GCC❤️

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