DAY 1 and I’m all over Secret Santa!  So my mind starts figurin’ out what I’m gonna get for my “pick” based on the little clues you’re given.  Sometimes it’s rather challenging…especially if the answers to the clues are pretty vague.  Then it’s double difficult if the spending limit is under 5- 10 bucks..really?  Have you priced stuff lately?

I was lucky to get a pretty easy “pick” that was rather detailed in her clues.  My wheels start to turn. I love playin’ this little “ta-da” game only cause I like mysterious diddles.  So here are a few ideas in case you’re trapped in the “what can I do for Secret Santa“? dilemma.

First idea…

a favorite drink and sweets…EASY PEASY!!!

I bought a mini 6 pack of glass bottled Cokes like these,


and lined the little crate with some cute printed scrapbook paper, filled each compartment with sweets and soda wrapped in matching tissue paper and tied the 1st clue on!  I got this…


NEXT…let’s go nuts!

A simple bag of peanuts for the “salty snack” with a homemade tag & the next clue.  See pretty inexpensive, creative, yet fun!

Another idea…you’ve probably seen the Pinterest pins for using a sharpie to monogram a simple coffee mug…yeah, DON’T DO IT- at least not with a sharpie, cause it will come out on the first wash!!!  I didn’t have time to go out and buy a porcelain sharpie, so what else is another form of durable paint and doesn’t wash off in the dishwasher?  Well, it so happens that I had just bought 2 bottles of L’Oreal nail polish.  Nail polish is definitely durable, won’t wash away and has a perfect sheen to it.  It’s also very forgiving when it comes to painting with.

Get you a $1 mug from the dollar store and some assorted varieties of hot chocolate or teas.  Head to your computer and design the name or monogram with a cute font, print, cut out and tape it on the mug for your outline.  Then dip dot away to your little hearts content!  Once dry, just peel off the letters and you’re done with this very inexpensive project that they will love!


Don’t be intimidated to play this fun little game just because you don’t or can’t think of anything fun.  Get creative!  It doesn’t have to be expensive and it’s all about the F U N.


Take advantage of your computer to make cute tags, pick a theme (I ♥) themes…and I chose “elves” for my tags.


 Keep it consistent.  Cellophane wrapping is always a great wrapping to keep on hand as well as scrapbook paper in different colors and prints.  ALWAYS think outside the box!  When you look at something, try visualizing other uses for it, not just what it was meant to be used for.  Most of all…HAVE FUN!!!

Workin’ on my next gift, when I hear sirens and lots of noise out in our very quiet neighborhood.   So we rush out, only to be reminded that tonight someone special was paying the little ones a visit


what to my wonderin’ eyes–but good ole St.Nick.  And he was gone in a flash~

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