Señorita Pepper Mill

Meet my 34 year old pepper mill that we received as a wedding gift from a sweet lady- friend of my MIL’s, Ms. Mott.  I’ve used it many times over the years and I’ve also had it tucked away in my spice cabinet, where from time to time I pull it out and remember that sweet lady.

Often, I get a silly notion and  I see things in a different light.  Which was the case one day when I pulled Señorita Pepper Mill out to use her. I wondered what she’d look like if I gave her a little face lift.  Everyone deserves a fresh look right, especially after 34 years!  And so her make-over began…

Señorita Pepper Mill

I cleaned her off, took her apart and emptied the finely ground-up peppers that were trapped in there.  I’ve mentioned on here before how I love chalk paint. It’s so forgiving and is quick and requires less sanding if none at all.  )But DON’T buy the already premixed stuff cause it’s terribly expensive and you can make your own for PENNIES!), especially if it’s a small project like this.

I just mixed a bit of plaster of Paris into the paint I want to use and add a bit of water, blend and you’re ready to go.  In this case I decided on a beautiful Marigold yellow!  Once I was done with two coats of color, I sanded lightly to expose some the original wood color and then I applied a top coat of finishing wax.

Señorita Pepper Mill

Mini elbow grease to clean the metal parts & make her shine again…

AND her new ooh la la moment…


Isn’t she beautiful?  She makes me smile and brightens up the kitchen!


A quick trip to Penzey’s is in store to use up my gift card from Sar, cause I’m in need of some fresh peppercorns ~

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