My poor hubby!   Pretty sure he knows I’m crazy—he’s been workin’ all day and he gets home and I’m ready with the cordless drill in hand, waitin’ for him at the door.  Cause here we are…shedding some new light!

The project for the evening was for him to help me install and replace the foyer light fixture!  Of course it’s not just your run of the mill kinda light, it’s a chandy (as I like to call ’em) and HE hates installing those.  Then top it off —-a special touch, a medallion not that much ADDED work, C’mon!

But see, how beautiful is this?

Shedding some new light-fixture

Here are the “before” and “afters”.  Big difference huh?  See why you need to go the extra mile?

Shedding some new light-collage

Shedding some new light

Here’s a closer look…

Shedding some new light-medallion

I took a white 19″ polyurethane ceiling medallion (Lowe’s $19.99) and painted the base black (acrylic) then touched up with gold antiquing gloss to give it a weathered/vintage look.  (Surprisingly, I opened up the light fixture box and the finish was EXACTLY the same as the finish I applied (unplanned) on the medallion).  Which now looks like an extension of the light fixture itself!   Worked perfectly!

*Note: we’ve done many a light fixture and I can honestly tell you that the makers of such should really try makin’ the hollow bolt a little wider so that when you run the wirin’ thru it and screw it in place, it doesn’t get tangled up into a hot mess!!! Sheesh that gets us every time!  My husband complains of this each time and rightfully so.

And because the spouse is so accommodating I made him an awesome dinner (like I do most nights), but I just told him it was special!  LOL

I haven’t told him I have another light fixture for our dining room—-YIKES!  I’m just thankful he’s so stinkin’ handy cause these projects are definitely a two person (could’ve used another set of hands on this) job!

Shedding some new light-dinner

(Recipe on next post)!

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