shredding, jumping and get busy… do you have enough time in your day?  Enough time for work, meal prep, exercise, laundry?  I could go on and on but what’s the point.  We’ve all been there and we ALL wish we had more time in a day to get everything done that’s on our daily lists.  I love when I find something new that can make my life easier.  And that meaning , it saves me time to do something else…perhaps an exercise regimen???  So let me tell you about my recent products that I got to review for two great companies.


I received this cool little spiral slicing tool by Kitchen Supreme to use for shredding.  You can shred veges & fruits to use on fresh, cooked  or for presentation.  Be creative!  It’s amazingly sharp but so easy to use with the twist of the hand. Food prep awesomeness!!!

shredding, jumping and get busy

I decided it to try it out with fresh zucchini and it sliced it perfectly, quickly and the end result… a fun new way to serve up cooked zucchini!  I put a bit of olive oil in a pan, dropped it in, cooked for a few minutes and added fresh lemon juice & pepper.  It was perfection!

shredding, jumping and get busy zucch2


I love when I get to review cool products!  No exception here when I received this handy jump rope that I am in love with.  As a child, jumping rope ranked right up there with my favorite things to do.  Not cause it was exercise.  I just thought it was fun.  Well, Naturalico has come up with this very lightweight jump rope that has ball bearings that helps in never having the cord tangle.  Remember the jump ropes of old?  Actual rope and a wood or plastic handle?  Well this is quite different!  It spins inside the handles and makes it very easy to rotate with each jump.  Did I tell you that it’s very lightweight?

Speed Jump Rope

When I tried it out and was impressed with the “never tangling” aspect of it, I took it to a friend who’s a PE teacher (AND she’s tall), cause I wanted to give it a “2 thumbs up” on it’s rating but wanted to make sure it would work for a tall person, (as well as mini me).  Guess what?  YEP!  She loved the ease as well!  It even comes with this awesome little pouch and you can’t beat the price.


So now I shouldn’t have an excuse to not burn calories right?  I’ve got this handy little gem of an exercise tool that can help me get in shape after serving up some delectable sides using my spiral slicer!  Gotta get busy right?

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