Oui Oui my friends!  I’ve been banished to the indoors due to snow storms, icy weather and my current condition.  Allergies.  You know, chest congestion and all that muckety muck!  After watching more TV than I have in the past 20 years of my life, enough.  Deep down inside I was procrastinating on sewing, cause I haven’t done it in a long time. (It was on my “to do” list!)  I was also hesitant to cut into a vintage chenille bedspread I bought at my favorite Texas vintage shop. Couldn’t decide between using it for drapes or for my 1st idea–pillow covers. And not just any pillow covers…some Side Ruffled French Market Pillows!

the Master bedroom

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-gold

Making a Master bedroom “livable”… start with a theme/inspiration, then wall color.  Ridding myself of the rose walls was reason enough for me, but I love French Country and I have a beautiful horse panting on canvas that were my inspiration for our Master.  A warm, golden hue #6131, a beautiful blank canvas.


Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-spread

Fluffy white, knobby, chic, and beautifully worn…I debated whether I should take my sewing shears to it but having inspected it a little closer I justified doing it seeing the many shredded areas and thinned out fabric throughout.  A different idea came to me about my window treatments so I was ready and felt better about my decision. Once I’d dragged out the sewing machine the second time around, there was no turning back.

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-sewing

Momma taught me so many things.  Sewing is among those things.  She had this brilliant – creative mind and she would most times make her own paper patterns for all our dresses or whatever it was we wanted until we learned to make and sew our own.  I’m thankful for this skill, especially since I found some pillow covers similar to these on Etsy for $62 a piece.  I bought the bedspread for $12 and already had the pillow inserts! shh-Bang!

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-ruffles

After cutting out my pattern to fit the insert, I chose two different areas of the bedspread because of the patterns on it and to avoid the tears and holes.  (I even have extra bedspread fabric to use for several other projects down the road.)

Checkout the cuteness!

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-knobs

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows

Deciding on a one-sided ruffled pillow was easy cause I didn’t want to gather all four sides (lazy), nor did I want to put the stress of sewing that thickness throughout the whole project! An hour later, I had two adorable bedroom pillows!

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-side

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-side2

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-french

Side Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-chic

Ruffled French Market Pillows -gullycreekcottage-two

Loving the pattern, the texture, the color, the ruffles, the look. The whole shebang!  The Master bedroom is turning out so very cool. Window treatments and room reveal soon.

Happy for snow days … they allowed me time to get my side ruffled French Market pillows! FINALLY & done~

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