SIGNificance of a SIGN-wedding-guest-board-diy

What’s the Significance of a Sign?  Well in this particular case…a lot!Rosie signx

I’ve recently  made a friend that is a doll.  I just love this girl!  She is so sweet, passionate and kind.  She’s also getting married in a few weeks.  I always love to see the relationship that two people have when they talk about one another. The love she has for her future hubby is evident and sweet.

I wanted to make something awesome as their wedding gift but also something she would love to display.
I decided to make a wedding guest “sign-in” but to serve as something that could also become a permanent fixture around their home after the wedding and for many years to come.  A sweet reminder of that special day.

Twist my arm, make a wood project?

You know I was all over that!  Lowe’s here I come.

SIGNificance of a SIGN-GCC-woodwork

I started out with some wood planks that I screwed together and stained in a honey oak.  (The morning was perfect to do this!)  It dried for several hours, then came character by adding some dark antiquing medium to highlight some of the knots and marks on the wood.  (The stain I got was actually too golden/orange, so I rubbed the medium on many areas to darken it up.)  Glad I did cause I loved the outcome!

While it continued drying, I mixed up some paints to come up with the perfect vintage dusty rose tint (since I couldn’t find the color I wanted).


Next the “♥” pattern cutout & tracing.

Once that was outlined, the priming and painting followed.


SIGNificance of a SIGN-guestbook

Once dry, I added the wording and date that I cut out (vinyl/white) on the handy dandy cricut.

Voilá!  Ready for those wonderful guests to sign away.  The cute couple can then display it proudly on a wall at home.

SIGNificance of a SIGN-diy

This sweet thang was so thrilled and happy with her sign and nothing makes me happier than to have someone appreciate a handmade gift!

Significance of a Sign

SIGNificance of a SIGN-wood-sign

It made me extremely happy when I saw her expression.  She will make a gorgeous bride (pics to come I’m sure). Now to watch & enjoy her excitement as she counts down to the BIG DAY.

Hugs and God’s blessings to the Gallo’s from casa GCC~


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